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Sinner's Prayer Salvation OK
Our hearts cry out to God as individuals and God doesn't require a formulaic prayer to be saved. Who is to say that someone who cries to the Lord in their private thoughts is not saved because they didn't follow a mass prayer at the altar? Many people who have repeated "the prayer of salvation" end up not following Christ. Jesus bids us to follow him and make disciples. It requires action. We are to become like him. What do we say of those who have "repeated the prayer of salvation" but their lives are not being conformed to the image of Christ? It is true we are saved by faith, but that faith should naturally drive us to action. When we really believe in something, it changes us. Faith without works is dead.

My Husband Will Not Work
I too have a husband that will not get a job. I work and he plays internet solitaire and watches game shows. I have thought out all the possible clinical depression, self esteem issues that may be involved. Be they as they may, I have my own depression, anxiety and self esteem issues to deal with. And I have 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren who count on me to be the rock. I have no leftover energy to babysit. Godly, Christian or not, his problems are his to face and deal with. I got all I can do taking care of me.

End-Time Visions And Dreams
1979 & 1986 dreams of entering a tunnel of soft gold, and I was different.I traveled through space and I recogonized all heavenly bodies.I left the tunnel gazing at an undescribable place. I did not want to return but both times my children were trying to wake me up. They could not wake me until I made the return journey, then I woke up.In 2000, when I understood the rapture, I started wondering about the dreams. Any thoughts anyone?

Why Was The Apocrypha Removed
Who determined it wasn't God inspired? Esp after 1800 odd years. Who took it upon their own authority(s) to remove it?

Should A Pastor Counsel Women
My husband started calling a woman in our church (to supposedly help her). It has almost destroyed our marriage. He evidently decided he liked her better than me.

Are Catholics Christians
In a word Yes Catholics are Christian. But it is no wonder satan is laughing at us. We spend so much time trying to condemn one another we forget what is important, spreading the Good News of Salvation through Jesus and only Jesus. With so much judgement among denominations, why would anyone want to come to Christianity. The back-biting and holier than thou attitude puts makes us all look like fools.

Marry, Leave Or Wait
Hi! Please read 1 Peter 3:1-6. You just might find answer to your question. God bless!

Offended By Women Pastors
I'm conducting a discussion on Preachers and bible degrees. Does anyone feel that before a person should preach or pastor a church they need some type of a bible degree? Would you sit under a person if they do not have any bible degrees? Do you feel that before a person can preach or pastor a church they need to be called by God or does having bible degrees be the only requirement?

Can Good Christian Live In Adultry
DoYouBelieve Jesus is theSon ofGod?Do you believe he died2pay for ALL your sin?Have you asked forgiveness+asked His Holy Spirit2lead your life?If yes4all,you aren't going2hell,but disobeying His commands gives the enemy a foothold,which leads2destruction.If you're unmarried it's adultery.AskYourself why aren't you2married?Marriag was designed by God for us,His best!Hebrew13:4

Autistic or Asperger Christians
I teach children with special needs. Often I come across the opinion that religion is not for people with special needs. I am studying how to make the teaching of RE more meaningful in schools, specifically for autistics. I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on the matter! Particularly - what you find meaningful about your faith, and how faith could be taught in a way that fitted with autism.
Thank you so much.

Why Would You Feel Guilty
You shoudl not feel guilty for wanting to remarry in a few years. By all means no! But then, would wanting to have a mother figure for your newborn be a good reason for marriage? Would that withstand the test of time? Ask yourself and may God grant you the wisdom as you seek Him in this matter.

Is Slain In The Spirit Fake
It comes from yieldedness to the Holy Spirit. If you have a closed mind to it, you will never have the experience. The Holy Spirit is a person, a part of the Godhead - 3 in one. He wants to reveal Himself to mankind. He is our comfort, our guide, our counselor. His presence is like no other experience - like no other high. Sometimes His presence is overwhelming and you cannot stand in His presence. It is yielding to His presence.

Salvation Without Confession
We must confess Christ before others because a witness is required:
"If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true."(John 5:31 KJV)
Furthermore, if we're not willing to openly proclaim our faith, its a sign of shame, and the Word is clear that:
"Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels."(Mark 8:38 KJV)

Can Salvation Be Refused
Jesus states in John 6:44 that no one can come to Him unless the Father draws them. It is God that does the choosing, not man. So if one is drawn, that one would not have slavation refused. Today's teaching that WE can decide to "accept Jesus into our hearts" is not valid. When one is "drawn" he/she receives the same rheyma truth as did Peter. Mt 16:16 This belief of Who Christ is, is the "rock" upon which His Church is built. Mt.16:18 (Peter is not that rock)

Can Christians Drink A Beer
When one has a beer or alchol beverage in their hand, it doesn't show good witness. It doesn't show christ-like. Even though Jesus made the water in to wine, he didn't get with his disciples and drink all night either.

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