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Have You Seen An Angel
I have seen an Angel just this week and came on this website to see if or how others have also had this wonderful experience.I was fasting for a 4 week Daniel fast, and on my last day of my fast, I had to go pick up my son from school and found myself in the middle of a terrible rain and lightning storm, as I asked God for His protection I instantly saw, as if a movie clip, an Angel walking two foot steps behind me, I did not see form or shape, just the presence of him and color, all white and yellow or gold .... I instantly knew what was happening and I had so much faith at that moment I could probably have walked on water that minute! I thank God for His wonderful protection and for His Angels!

God Uses Floods Famines
God controls everything including the elements and what we call nature. Natural disasters of magnitudes never known to man are occuring. God has always spoken to man through thunder, rain, droubt, lightening, wind, and the Bible clearly states that just before Jesus Christ returns, there will be an increase in famines, earthquakes, fire, illness,wars and even persecution and death to Christian believers. Nothing is an accident and certainly when at least 100,000 are killed by a quake, then it wouldn't be considered a "crude"(To: Atheist), way to use nature to fulfill prophecy. It is happening everywhere and not just to our brothers and sisters along with non-Believers in Haiti. This is "only the beginning of sorrows."

Death And Resurrection
Since He is fully one with God and God is everywhere then I suppose that his consciousness was everywhere but his body remained still until the resurrection.

Faith Without Works Biblical
The Bible clearly states that some will have works and some will have faith only with no works. Our works allow us to earn "crowns" and "rewards" so that those with no works would not possess any "crowns" or "rewards" but souls will be saved if they know, accept and love the Lord Jesus Christ and are of the faith. God loves them too and is no respecter of persons. It is also interesting that "the first will be last and the last will be first". We are called for good works and it is the Spirit which empowers but I realize that some will have No Works and are my equals in the eyes of God.

Will Non-Baptized Go To Heaven
Jacob 3/17/08: I agree with your post. When one accepts Jesus Christ by faith, they are at that moment "born again". Formal baptism is an act of obedience symbolizing the death of self and life for Christ. I find it hard to believe that a believer who hasn't had the opportunity for formal baptism, would be excluded from heaven based upon the baptism issue.:)

Relationships After Divorce
If you were not Christian at the time that you were married, God did not honor the marriage anyway. If Christian, the Bible teaches that a man and wife remain bound as long as they are alive and to remarry is adultry. The exception to that is if one of the partners is unfaithful(sexually)and then the partners are not bound. The actual Biblical answer to your question is no if you are talking about marriage or sex.

Beliefs Changed On ChristiaNet
I am sure that I have gained a greater understanding of certain things but I cannot pinpoint anything off the top of my head:). Blogging is like being in "BIBLE STUDY" every day. I am not sure just what world influences affect my outlook, but I am sure that this site has awakened me in some areas:). I am blessed by reading these blogs and foraging through the Bible to create entries.

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
If she has come to Christ then all things are passed away and behold all things become new. there are not many people out there that do not mess up in hteir lives, so if God can forgive then who are you to pass judgement on her. Forgive her if you love her, because if you don't it will be a thorn in your side. Marraige will not work without trust and love and forgiveness.

Do Muslims Worship Same God
If the doctrine is not the same then the God is not the same, because God is the word and the word is the doctrine and the doctrine was Christ and they do not beleive He was the Son of God. NO they do not worship the same God I don't care what they call him.

Ashamed Of Your Sins
Do not fail to remember that repent means to turn away. Let us not lay again the foundation of repentance, but let us move onto perfection. If you fall get up and remember what caused you to fall and avoid it. If we walk in the light we shall not fall, but if in darkness we shall continually fall for we can not see were we go. That is what Christ came to do. Show us were we are falling so we can avoid it.

Baptized Two Times
There are three baptisms that I personally Know of and all are different. The first is the water baptism whish is a literal washing of the water. this represents death and resurrection, because of the going under the water and coming back up. It show that we accept the death of ourselves(spiritually speaking) and Chris being born in us.

Baptized Two Times
The second is the baptism of the word of God(in the name of the Lord). Rev 19:13 say His vesture was dipped in blood and His name is called the word of God. So this is a spirituls baptism that occurs every time we hear the word. It also represents water. Eph5:26 "That he might sactify and clease it with the washing of the water by the word" So this signifies that everytime you hear the word you are cleased like baptism. Now are you clean by the words I have spoken unto you.

Baptized Two Times
Remember that it is written "i will raise you up on the last day". There are seven days in a week, and on the sabboth you hear the word of God and are raised up by it like you would be in a literal baptism. The third is the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Not everyone that believes in Christ will recieve this. Only those pure in heart. The devils in hell believe and they tremble, and I don't thik they have the Holy Ghost. I hoe this answers some of your questions and maybe some of others.

Are Mormons Christians
Stephen 11/13) truth is that most denominations need to be attacked as they bear false teachings as bad as the cults. This is the time of CHURCH Apostacy and it is not ANDREA's fault but simply a sign of the times. WAKE UP CHRISTIANS! Stop calling what is good evil and what is evil good. I assure you that MS Andrea's heart is not that of an athiest picking the POOR CULTS apart but rather one of a shepard crying out in the wilderness while noone will listen! I suggest that you stop and take notice.

Private Baptism Biblical
Alan of the uk) actlually I only used the term to identify the difference between those who have given their lives to Christ and those who "play church" or are cult. I suppose it would have been better stated by saying 'any true Christian' since any real Christian has the Holy Spirit dwelling within them. You are correct in your point that the term SPIRIT FILLED is at best ambiguous and misleading. THanks for noticing that.:)

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