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Does God Love Everybody
An Evil-hearted man is EVIL ~ PERIOD. You CANNOT separate the sin from the sinner. And though the Fake Reverends of America REFUSE to teach it in the churches of YOUR CHOICE, Revelation 2:23 says that For the sins of their impenitent Parents ~ JESUS WILL KILL THEIR CHILDREN WITH DEATH!!! Now please, tell me more about that "Nothing But love, mercy and forgiveness Fairy Tale god" of the False preachers... because THE TRUE GOD is also the God of HATE, WRATH, VENGEANCE, and all sorts of things that Pay-Per-View pastors REFUSE to teach about.

Can Christians Drink Wine
Ann: Please don't Twist the Context! I NEVER said I wouldn't 'Offer' wine to others. I said I would not 'Demand' others to drink. Do You Push People to Consume Alcohol?

Geoff: I like the way you Cut Short the Glory of Christ, Claiming that HE was UNABLE to Create Fermented wine. How Absurd that you Mock my Jesus in such a manner. I pray you may Seek Understanding, and FLEE your False Doctrine Teachers.

Were America's Founders Christian
The Most-Wonderful Americanized sort of 'Christians', indeed! Murdering Rapists, Thieving Covetors, Haters of Indians, Abusers of Negroes, Deceptive LIARS, Plundering Destroyers, Embezzling Exploiters, etc, 'In the Name of God, Religion, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice FOR ALL'!?! And when they Wrote their Great Declaratory Lie, they All Falsely Swore that "ALL Men Are Created EQUAL"?!? What a Lie! Same as the Majority of Americanized so-called 'Christians' today. May Christ Come Swiftly!!!

Are Denominations Of Satan
The Gates of Hell Cannot Prevail against the Truth, BUT Matt.11:12 ...the Kingdom of Heaven Suffereth VIOLENCE, and the Violent TAKE IT by Force! Mal.2 The Word of the LORD: O ye Priests, Behold, I Will spread Dung upon your Faces. Ye have Corrupted the Covenant, Ye have caused Many to Stumble at My Law. Therefore have I made you Contemptible before all people, according as ye have NOT Kept My Ways, but have been PARTIAL in My Law. The LORD Will CUT OFF the man that doeth this, the Master AND the Scholar.

Are Denominations Of Satan
I See the 'Fruit', AndrSwr4, It's Polished and Pretty on the Outside, and Wormy Rotten to the Core! Do you Think that since Satan has spread his False Propaganda 'churches' throughout the world, that the TRUE Gospel of Christ is being Promoted? When they Each teach their OWN Junk in the Stead of 'Nothing But The Truth', it becommeth a LIE! Grace is Granted that we may Serve God Perfectly, but Lazy so-called christians teach Grace as a 'FREE RIDE' into Heaven. It Does NOT Work That Way!

Husband Wants Dirty Talk
Instead of Plucking out ONE verse from Thirty-Nine, the Proper Context of Matt. 15 is Condemnation of FALSE TEACHINGS that Proceed from the mouths of those who Conjure-up and teach their 'Traditions' In the Place of God's Whole and Perfect Truth. The Pick-N-Choose method is what creates all the Horrendous Divisions of the many Differing so-called 'Christian' churches of America. Such Atrocity should Not be!

Can Christians Drink Wine
God Commanded Wine to be given as an offering of 'Sweet Savor' unto Him. Abundant Wine was a part of God's Promises, along with Milk and Honey. Christ made the BEST WINE Ever Known (NOT Grape Juice). STUDY what ALL is Biblically said about it. ABUSE of Alcohol is Condemned. Personally, I'm not a conosseur of the stuff, neither would I Demand folks to consume it. As stated, 'It is GOOD to leave it ALONE', but having 'A Glass of Wine' is NOT A SIN. What will YOU do when Jesus offers His Bride some Wine?

No Instruments In My Church
To SEE Musical INSTRUMENTS ACCOMPANYING SINGERS in NEW Testament: Rev. 14:2-3, 15:2-3, & 5:8-9. ...Harpers HARPING WITH their Harps, AND SINGING Before the Throne of GOD. YOU say: 'All Figurative, No Material things in Heaven.' Maybe GOD'S WORD IS A LIE to those who ASSume there'll be No River, No Trees, No Fruit, No Food, No Feast, No Jewels, No Gold, No Mansions, No God, No Christ, No Harps, No Singers, or ANYTHING ELSE reputed by the BIBLE that's IN HEAVEN! BEWARE of Pastoral FALSEHOOD.

Can Christians Drink Wine
Neither the Father nor the Son has ever Condemned the consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, THAT'S usually done by Fat Gluttonous Preachers! With DRUNKENNESS Condemned right along side GLUTTONY, HOW can a Big Greasy Twelve-Sandwich-Eating Slouch-Bloat Preacher condemn a glass of Wine? I don't deny that Total Abstinance is a Good thing, which will NEVER lead to Drunkenness, but 'Having a Drink' is Not a Bad and Sinful thing, and is NOT Condemned by God.

Are Denominations Of Satan
Denominationism is Absolute DEMONOLATRY, and those who call their Haints 'Non-Denominational' have in all Actuality taken Thunder-Mugs full of Denominationism, and Copied, Cut, Revamped and Pasted it all together to fill their OWN Septic Tanks with SATANIC Bullshift that has no more value than than Chicken Scratch! There's only ONE Way, One Word, and ONE GOD, and HE is NOT of DIVISION!

Tongues Needed For Salvation
Many Ill-hearted Charismatic Devil-Worshipers have tried to Impress me with their 'God-Gifted Tongues'. Well, IMPRESS ME! French-Kiss a Mad Rattlesnake, Drink a Glass of DDT, and let your PAY-PER-VIEW 'Jesus Preachers' HEAL and Raise your STINKING DEAD LAZARUS ASPS From the GRAVE! Of ALL the TRUE Gifts of GOD, the FALSIFIED 'Tongue' is the ONLY ONE those FAKERS can 'LEARN' from their Pastors.
They've NEVER learned to CEASE FROM SIN, which is the TRUE Doctrine of CHRIST, and PURPOSE of God's Holy Ghost.

Tongues Needed For Salvation
There's a COMMA at the end of Mark 16:17, which leads into verse 18: They shall ALSO take up SERPENTS, HEAL the Sick, and NOT be harmed by Drinking POISON! They've NEVER actually Healed ANYONE, they're Absolutely Terrified of Snakes, the most-Deadly Poison they drink is the Broth of SWINE, and they've NEVER cast a Demon out of ANYTHING, But they'll Surely FAKE that BOGUS 'Tongue'! Halelujah Thank Ya Jesus Praise God Amen! You Shakers and FAKERS: HELL Awaits You ALL!

Can People In Heaven See Us
Contrary to the Brainwashed teachings of Certain Protestant CULTS, There are NO People in Heaven at this time, God's Day of Judgment has yet to be. The Record-Keepers at God's Throne, however, SEE AND HEAR AND KNOW EVERYTHING, and that information is Passed along to the Judges who sit just inches from Heaven's Walls. Even our Utmost Secret THOUGHTS and INTENTIONS Shall Be Judged.

Is Hiring Pastors Biblical
Abraham, Moses, Joshua, the TRUE Prophets, Jesus, HIS Apostles, and Paul TOOK NOTHING from the People as they Ministered GOD'S TRUTH. 1 Cor. 9:14: God allowed that they who Preach the TRUE Gospel should live of the Gospel, BUT (15) I DID NOT... (18) Because MY REWARD IS TO GIVE The Gospel WITHOUT CHARGE, that I ABUSE NOT the Gospel. TRUE Men of GOD will NEVER Make you PAY to hear the TRUTH. The Pay-Per-View FAKERS, however, Always Require MONEY to Peddle their FALSE Protestant PROPAGANDA!

Shun Profane Babblings
Profane Babbling is when all the Sinful God-Haters of the Charismatic churches of Satan perform their BOGUS and SELF-Glorifying TONGUE-TALKING, while claiming it to be a so-called 'Gift from God'!

They can easily teach EVERY Brainwashed IDIOT how to CACKLE the 'Tongue', but they've YET to teach ANYONE in their SATANIC SHRINES how to Follow the Doctrine of CHRIST, and CEASE FROM SIN!

No Instruments In My Church
In the First place, a PSALM is Words Put To MUSIC, NOT Music Put to Words! Secondly, with ALL the Singers that Accompany the INSTUMENTAL PLAYERS IN HEAVEN, I can only reckon those so-claimed 'Church of Christ' folk, IF they make it into Heaven, will just hafto SIT ON THE PORCH, so they won't be OFFENDED by MY GOD'S MUSIC! Think About It.

Tongues Needed For Salvation
I've had several False Religiosophers of the Antichrist Charismatic churches in Memphis, Tennessee DEMAND that I Allow THEM to TEACH ME to do the 'Tongue-Talk'. What a God-Given GIFT, Indeed! It obviously takes a Swineyard full of such Heathen Protestant God-Haters to ENABLE others to Receive GOD'S GIFTS?!? What Horrendous things those Pastors are teaching the IDIOTS in their Satanic Shrines.

My Husband Won't Tithe
Congratulations to the Husband who Refuses to be in BONDAGE TO LEVITICAL-ERA LAW! NO 'CHRISTIAN' today is required, requested or even SUGGESTED to TITHE according to the New Testament Standards. CHRIST SAYS: The Children are FREE!

Can The Holy Spirit Leave
Helen: It's HORRENDOUS HERESY to teach that EVERY WORD in the Bible came from GOD'S Mouth! Do you also think (Isaiah 36:12, ..."that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you) came from the Mouth of GOD??? A TRUE Bible teacher should FIRST Understand GOD AND HIS WORD, before Pushing Over their Opinions, Assumptions and Brainwashed Protestant Doctrines AS THE WORDS OF GOD. Do you also teach that GOD Said "CRUCIFY HIM"? It's IN the Bible, too!

Can The Holy Spirit Leave
Mrs. Morgan: Yes, Ma'am, I can agree. One MUST be Faithful in order to receive the Promises, and FAITHFULNESS Unto God is OBEDIENCE and PLEASING the Father in ALL things, as CHRIST taught it. However, those who CLAIM Christianity, while living IN SINFULNESS (1 John 3:5-10) are NOT Christians AT ALL, they're FAKERS. According to the Scripture, they're mere LIARS, just as their PAY-PER-VIEW PASTORS who TRICK them with Denominational, Non-Denominational, or whatever other Religious FALSEHOODS!

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