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Christian Rock Satan's Music
Well, as much as I like Christian Rock, I must say if any of the songs sung by these artists are depressing or about missing someone (other than Jesus), or creates a sad atmosphere, it is WRONG. God did not save us to be sad or angry or depressed. We are to worship Him and try to reach the lost. I agree, if the music does not glorify God, it is simply rock, and there is nothing Christian about it. Check out Seven Places music and compare it to Disciple. Tell me which Glories our Lord in EVERY song.

Christian Rock Satan's Music
Mike. I am very sorry. That tattoo blog was meant for Alan of Uk. Please forgive me. I gues I just got confused when writing it. Sorry.

Christian Rock Satan's Music
My beef with the tattoos and earings is that you cannot tell the difference between them and the world. Solomon may have had peircings, bu that was accepted at the time, just like piligamy. To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, it is sin. Honor the temple(your body) of the Lord. If you damage your body with ink or pericings you are not honoring Gods temple.

Christian Rock Satan's Music
Leon, I know about that! My brother grew his hair out and just went weird, you know? IT was the Metal he was listening to. However, I have been listening to Christian Rock (not metal) for over 2 years and I have never had the desire to go secular. The thought sickens me. Mabey I strong...and mabey I my spirit and flesh were just in turmoil. That is what it feels like. Thanks for the comments.

Scared Of The Rapture
Dawn, God already knows your deepest secrets. Be comforted in the fact that He has and will forgive you. Just ask. I am sorry about your dad, but, according to the Bible, you will not remember your father nor will you "hear" him. There is an impassible gulf between Heaven and Hell. God be with you and your dad.

What Church Do You Attend
I was born and raised Pentecostal, not Apostolic. Yes, there is a difference. Apostolics are something of a cult. But listen, this argument about Oneness and Trinity.....There is NO argument! Seriously Pentecostals believe that the ONE God has three personalities. Trinity beleivers beleive that these three make up one body. Its the same. Where is the argument? We are all on the same side. There are many scriptures to prove BOTH points, but does that matter?

Christian Rock Satan's Music
I guess I did not clarify my situation. I am 18 years old. I am in agreeance with my parents. I do obey them because that is how I was raised, but I like the music. Some Christian Rock, I think, is good. However, other "Christian Rock" bands sing what I call "Jesus/girlfriend" songs. That is, you cannot distinguish who the subject of the song is. Thank you all for your insights. In further blogs I will post some Bands for you all to check out and comment on. Once again, thanks.

Christian Rock Satan's Music
Hey guys. Some Christian Bands that I am convinced edify God are: Seven Places, Tim Hughes(solo), Seven Glory, Downhere, Exit East, Tree 63, and Nevertheless. I am not sure about (and these are some of my favorites!) Relient k (Jesus/girlfreind songs), Switchfoot, Stellar Kart, Seventh Day Slumber, Toby Mac, KJ-52(Five-two), and Sanctus Real. In the next Blog I'll post bands that I believe have some explaining to do.

Christian Rock Satan's Music
You guys stated that rock is Satan's music. My brother was asked to get rid of his Christian Metal. He did. These were bands he liked: Disciple (I like), Underoath (really strange stuff, seems spirtual, but....), Lamb of god(not "G"). Hard bands that I like: Wavorly (very Depressing), High Flight Society, Skillet, Kutless, Red (beautiful classical interludes to Hard rock). BUT! How can these bands claim Christ and be covered in tattoos, peircings, and long hair?

What Bible Do You Use
Yea, Andrea. Paul did not use the KJV. It was not even written at the time. King James had 53 scholars translate the Bible into English. It took three years. So, how do we know he did not have the Bible translated to fit his beliefs. After all, he was not only interested in the Bible, but in all forms of religion and practices. Yes, even witchcraft and Islam.

Scared Of The Rapture
I look around at all of these people striving for the "American Dream". Pfff! This world is not our home. Do not get comfortable. You get settled here, you'll have a hard time leaving, if at all.

Are Pentacostals A Cult
Prove to me that Pentecostals are "way out in left field".

New Hobby Blog
I enjoy Drawing, painting, reading. I think my favorite is like comic book characters (Spidey's my Favorite) I just started painting about 3 years ago. I like oils and Spider-Man. He he he. I like running to. Its good exercise. Last but not least, I like kneeling every night and talking with My Savior and Lord. Thats a great "hobby".

I Am Mad At God Today
I am sorry as well for the loss. I have never lost anyone close to me. Listen though, God has a plan for whatever happens. This happened and is over with, and there is nothing you can do now but accept that God knows best. Think what may have happened if she did not die...mabey God saved her...from something more terrible. We don't know. We aren't supposed to know. His ways are higher than our ways. I hope that can comfort you. God bless.

James Kennedy Just Died
He was just a man. Perhaps a man used to spread God's word, but still just a man. I never knew him, but I've heard him on the radio and it seems that he was well liked. I hope he's with God now. As far as the Google search, you should check out Christian Rock exposed, or Disciple Exposed, Kutless Exposed, Toby Mac Exposed, etc. This guy is bit over the edge.

Are Pastors Wifes For Free
Dude! HA HA HA! That was pretty good joke. My word! HA ha ha ha! Nah, really though. I see the point. Some people take you for granted some times because of what they expect of you. Excellent joke, Whisper. HA HA HA HA!

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