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Why Were There Dinosaurs
There were dinosaurs for the same reason there were dodo birds.

Is The Prosperity Message Real
You have to hand it to those Word of Faith folks. They command, and God obeys, giving them health and wealth.

Christians Supporting Israel
Duane, your unctious, patronizing paternalism is unfortunately so typical. Lighten up! Life is good! Enjoy it!

Christians Supporting Israel
Support of Israel always means money. Most Israelis are secularists and wouldn't give a hoot about prayer support.

What Is A True Christian
I think the only true Christian was Jesus. Unlike all other professing Christians, he didn't care at all what other people thought of him.

Christians Supporting Israel
Duane, your response to me makes no sense. How would my reading the Bible affect support for Israel?

Christians Supporting Israel
For the life of me, I do not understand why Israel is more worthy of support than, say, Mexico. If we invested as much private money in Mexico as we waste in public money in Israel, we might have a much more prosperous southern neighbor and a less serious immigration problem.

Is The Tooth Fairy Biblical
Mary, thanks. I gave you a vote. Blessings!

Why Were There Dinosaurs
Frannie08, printed on the one-dollar bill is 'Novus Ordo Saeculorum.' Does that scare you? But maybe you trade in Sterling... Be happy! Life is good. There is nothing to fear.

Poverty Stricken People
Poor folk will generally seek political solutions before religious ones.

Is The Bible Literal
What does 'literal' mean anyway?

The Date Of Your Salvation
Salvation is a process, not an event you need to find a date for. Rest easy and enjoy the journey!

Are Free Masons Demonic
What does 'demonic' mean anyway?

Is The Tooth Fairy Biblical
Hi Frances! Lying is meant to deceive. Fiction is meant merely to tell a story or make a point, sort of like the book of Esther. Blessings! And stay happy! :-)

Is The Tooth Fairy Biblical
The tooth fairy is male and he DOES live in West Hollwood. He charged two-fifty to take my kids' teeth.

Caveman Before Adam
I have stayed in motels that weren't much better than caves.

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