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Women Obedient To Husbands
How does a wife determine what the "rightful" place of a husband is?
Once again, the man has to measure up to some standard set by the wife.

Women Obedient To Husbands
So a wife is to be obedient to her husband only if he measures up to her standards.
Otherwise, the deal is off.....
No wonder Paul never married.

Dress Code For Christian Women
Why do people think that 1 Tim. 2:9 is about showing skin?

Can Females Wear Pants
Geber is the Hebrew word.

Can Females Wear Pants
Well, I that Steveng isn't from the UK.
In Europe pants are underwear.

Can Females Wear Pants
The answer to the Deut. 22:5 question may require the expertise of a Hebrew scholar.

1. Is "geber" the Hebrew word used for man in this verse?
2. Does geber mean "Warrior man"?

If so then this is an instruction for women not to dress as soldiers.

My Husband Abused My Trust
Is "abused my trust" a secret code word for something?

Difference Between NKJV And KJV
Two presuppositions to note:
1. "proper manuscripts but also uses the corrupt manuscripts as well"
Please provide concrete proof that supports this.

2. "the nkjv removes"
Or does the KJV add? Was it there in the first place? Can you prove that it was removed?
Is it because Gail said so?

My Husband Isn't Bright
It's still not clear whether this is about common sense or a case of aquaphobia.
It would take one buff dude to row a rubber boat to the "center" of the ocean and back. No wonder he needed a nap.

Pastor Tells How To Vote
IMHO: I attribute the success of the Moral Majority to the Christian community involvement in the political process.
The Moral Majority was stifled when the liberals figured out that they would threaten the tax exempt status of a church.
Much of the liberal quagmire that we are in is due to the lack of church leadership. Are we to rely on the media for objective information?

Can Christians Smoke A Cig
You do realize that the heart is merely a blood pump, don't you?
We culturally use "Heart" as a spiritual or emotional metaphor for the canter of our soul. Wouldn't a "broken heart" be fatal?

My Husband Isn't Bright
Center of the ocean.....hmmmm.
That would be quite a feat.
My common sense smells an exaggeration.
If your seeking counsel, then perhaps you should seek it together.
Speaking poorly of your husband speaks poorly of you.

Can Christians Smoke A Cig
Smoking is no more a sin then not exercising. The your body is a temple line should also apply to eating bacon or .wait a minute we should be more concerned about Christians eating bacon than smoking. After all, there is more of a Biblical precedent prohibiting pork consumption than smoking (for which there is no Biblical precedent).

As far as the nicotine rush goes, then coffee or tea consumption is sinful. This concern with cigarettes is starting to sound more like asceticism.

What Is Inerrant And Inspired
Textual criticism does not invalidate inerrancy, but inerrancy validates textual criticism.

While it is true that we do not have the original manuscripts of Scripture, this does not invalidate the doctrine of inerrancy; it simply makes textual criticism all the more important. Through the science of textual criticism we learn that the Scriptures are preserved with 95 percent accuracy and that we have access to the originals through diligent study and research.

Difference Between NKJV And KJV
I'm afraid that the Riplinger crowd also rejects the NKJV as perverse.
Even though the originating MSS are the same.
Somehow the translators must not have been inspired. The cutoff year for inspiration must have been 1611.

Difference Between NKJV And KJV
"WOW!! seems tofurabbey kinda put some people in their places, huh?"
Really? I must have missed something.
All tofurabbey did was to dismiss the efforts of Bible scholars as foolishness.
This is a typical KJVO practice. Were not the KJV translators "Bible scholars"?

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