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Offended By Women Pastors
Dr. Rich,

I think the Apostle Paul knows scripture better than you. But at any rate, you should be able to find the applicable scriptures just as well as he did.

Judgement For Christians
I don't understand why you quote the verse and then raise the possibility that it isn't saying what it says. Just curious.

No Sin In Their Life
With most religions it is possible to claim that one has no sin, and even that sin doesn't exist. However, belief doesn't always match reality. These people are cultists. You can try to counsel them. If they will not listen, then their blood is on their own hands.

Once Saved Always Saved
Oh the answer is "definitely". Once you are saved by being resurrected from the dead, or by being translated via "the rapture", than you are saved forever. Up until that point, you are running the race, as the Apostle Paul said. It is a sign of the times that Christians have such a wide and conflicting range of beliefs about this doctrine, and many others.

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