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Acceptable To Spank Kids
well it depends you see your trying to make him recive a message but he does not seem to get it. so i think you need to have a talk with him. get things stright.

Demonic Dreams At Night
I think that Jesus knows you were trying to call upon him. Like when a parent can "feel" when there is something not quite right happening to his or her child who is elsewhere. This experience you have had, although terrifying, could actually help you to grow spiritually. It sounds like a test. I think Jesus tested you to see if you would humble yourself to call on him in a time of need. You should feel reassured that your first instinct was to call opon God!

Real ID Mark Of Beast ID
#1 Alan of Uk - If you read what the Id act is about it was an act brought on to increase security after events such as 911. Its not the mark, but part of a chain of events leading up to the mark of the beast, in fact its not even directly related but the need to improve security measures will implement the need of a safer security system. The system we use at the moment (credit cards, Money) is not 100% safe, they will eventually bring in something globally to replace our current system.

Real ID Mark Of Beast ID
#2 The world is falling right into the hands of satin. We are surely living in the last days, when the lord will come back no one knows. Matthew 7:14 "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it"

Real ID Mark Of Beast ID
The Real ID act is part of a process leading up to the mark of the beast. I reackon that the mark will be brought on the whole world suddenly. How will this happen? At this time we see the market heading downward, if there was a market crash it gives time to introduce a "safer" system. Its the perfect time to implement the mark of the beast. Revelation 13:17 "and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name"

Dress Code For Christian Women
The church where I go all the women wear skirts or dresses. The visitors we have sometimes wears pants but I believe in wearing skirts or dresses.

Prayers Tips
Hey There, When I pray I go to a quiet place with my bible.

Should Priests Marry
i think priest should only marry there own religion.

Who is Creflo Dollar?
I still haven't received a response to my post on Luke 18, lets debate! Abraham and Lot in Genesis were extremely wealthy, that the land they were in could not hold both of them at the same time and they had to split. We all know that Abraham walked with God, and talked with him every day. Ok, do you not then wonder why God never asked him to dispose of his wealth? I think he very well could have! But He didn't? Could it be, God was happy with the way things were??? Do respond!

Any Satanic Masons Out There
The 3rd degree masons that I have heard, are into satanic rituals and heavily practice the black arts. How they attain their degrees. Certain women are unknowingly setup as (tarot card) The Priestess. She opens the doors to all universal knowledge and he attains the knowledge. They rise to greater heights in the world while the woman goes into depths of hell on earth. meaning.. the man takes all the benefits while the woman receives all the travails he can deliver.

Who is Creflo Dollar?
Many critics use Luke 18 vs 18-28, the rich man, camel through needle eye... The principle is you should know priority first THEN when you can be trusted with riches you will get riches. Read verse 29-30, "in your lifetime" it will be returned multiplied. Explain that critics! If Eden is God's original intent and if God doesn't change, why wouldn't he want us to be rich? Do you think Dr Dollar has anything compared to Adam?

I Feel Guilty From An Abortion
hello my friends-

Just saying hello and thank you for your responses. I may drop in every now and then to see if there are any new posts. Please ask me any question yu wish and I will answer honestly. Thank you all and GOD bless. (-:

I Feel Guilty From An Abortion
Thank you my friends for all your imput. This is helping me put things into perspective. I have been seeing a psychotherapist for 2 years now. It helps a little. Please keep the responses coming. Thank you so so so much.

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