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Creation Or Evolution
hey why dont you guys watch "the case for a creator" by lee strobel? that whole dvd (or book) shuts down evolution and proves creationism with pure scientific evidence.

Is The Bible Perfect
I didn't say that I don't trust the Word of God. What I said is that there are various interpretations of the same scriptures. The Bible has been translated and interpretted repeatedly and therefore the doctrines located in the Bible have been ignored by some and changed by others. It takes thoughtful study to discern truth from fiction. The Holy Spirit will confirm truth for us.
---HappyLDS on 12/30/09

ok I get what your saying now, I apologize for not understanding at first but let me ask you this, you dont believe that the holy spirit has confirmed to us that the bible we have today is perfect? because i feel God wouldnt allow us to have the bible with flaws in it.

Is The Bible Perfect
Look HappyLDS, how do you expect to get the truth without trusting in the Word of God? Its the Bible that lets you kno these things, you wouldnt know if there was a Holy spirit if you hadnt read the bible so what you trying to say exactly? Im not trying to rip you, idk what you trying to say.

if the bible is not perfect, it couldn't be the word of God 2 tim 3:16 says it is given by inspiration of God. what is not perfect is the way we study it. If we study god's word god's way it is perfect.
---michael_e on 12/24/09

I agree with michael_e. Its the way we study it that should be in question, not the scripture itself.

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