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Is The Internet Of The Lord
The bible tells us that no thing is evil of itself, but Our reaction to it is good or evil. Believe me, the prince and power of the air will use the net for evil, but what he intends for evil, God will use for good. The blessing is in the hands of his annointed. Jesus Is Lord

Violent Take It By Force
This scripture is talking about the valiant , the fierce , for the truth . To fight for their Salvation firm until the end . Those who want to conquer and finish this race must be spiritually vicious . Not the negative way vicious is used but in the war for your soul .I'm almost 60 yrs of age and getting close to the finish line and going into the home stretch and to conquer and be Victorious we need to be vicious spiritually against our enemy . This is a war , that's why Vic tor ious and Vicious are connected . See it for yourself , I almost couldn't believe it when I was looking at the word vicious and saw that when the letters tor are placed in the word vicious , it then becomes Victorious ! The Glory goes to Jesus but it's true .

Seventh Day Adventist
Hey Rod!
God Loves Us! John 3:16
He wants us to have the highest quality life imaginable. :) 3 John 2
Re: Ellen White/Spirit of Prophecy: Dont automatically despise prophets or their prophecies but test them (1 Thessalonians 5:20, 21). The Bible gives several tests Isaiah 8:20, Matthew 7:20, 1 John 4:2, Jeremiah 2:9. I believe (and our church as a whole) that Mrs. White has passed these tests.

Seventh Day Adventist

Re: Stewardship well, we (like other Christian denominations Im sure, but dont really know official positions) believe that God wants us to return a tithe to Him (Malachi 3:7-10). And we believe that our commission (Matthew 28:18-20) calls us to spread the good news around the world (that takes money). :) But its more than money! We also believe that God has blessed us with talents that He wants us to use to spread the gospel while serving our brothers and sisters. (Matthew 24:46)

Seventh Day Adventist

Re: Christs ministry in heavenly sanctuary starting in 1844: ok! As much as Id like to put this in a nutshell, I dont think I can! We believe there is a sanctuary in heaven where Christ is making intercession for our sins (He got the authority to do that by dying for us on the cross). Ok I know you want more in depth. If you google amazing facts heavenly sanctuary there is a q & a with an Adventist pastor and at the end a number you can call for an explanation in print. Sorry: I should be more on my ps and qs about this.

Seventh Day Adventist
Hi everybody :)

I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian and we believe a lot of things. Our major belief that encompasses all the rest is: Jesus came to earth and died for our sins and because of His gift anyone who accepts Him can have eternal life!!! (So exciting!) For more on the official position of our church, Google "What do seventh-day Adventists believe?" and the first hit should be "What Adventists Believe" from our church's official site.

Only Way To Baptize
AMEN I love this you are completely right well done!!!

Having Thoughts For A Pastor
Read an meditate on I Thessaloniaca 4 : verses 3,4 & 5 -- flee from lust

Faith In Terrible Times
New babes in christ both brothers and sisters in the State of Orissa in India are facing severe persecution from Idolatrous forces. A few have been killed, their homes ransacked and many of them are living in releif camps. They are allowed to go back to their village only if they reconvert to Hinduism, which many have refused . There have been instances of rape and the law machinary has been mute spectators to he terror unleashed. Please pray for them and also request other groups you know to pray for them.

Acne Scars Causing Depression
You may seek dermatologist's advice because some medicines that are publicized may not be applicable to your skin and it will damage more. Dermatologists are specialists on skin where they are gifts by God to help you. joy8864

Lakeland Florida Revival
Recently a pastor who I know told me about a great revival in Florida -- I am not commenting on the revival but in these materilaistic days I am reminded of Jude 3 : " .. we must contend for the faith once delivered to the saints ..". Again Jude 6," And the angels who did not keep their first estate." 2) Jude 11 -" ...for they have gone in the way of Cain , have run greedily in the error of Balaam for profit, and perished in the rebellion of Korah." If this revival is from God our Lord it will flourish but if not after some time it will die by itself. Praise the Lord and his Holy name

Lack of Proof For Bible Claims
Do not think that I am being flippant. As children of God our work is to sow the Word of God and pray for those to whom we sow. Do not determine beforehand what you will say to others other than Christ crucified and his ressurection and our salvation through him. Before you do this say a word of prayer and do it and the Holy Spirit who enables you to talk in tounges will enable you to convict the other person , for whom you prayed for, to salvation. This is what matters . Prasie the Lord

Who Was Cain's Wife
In the Book of Jubilees Chapter 4 verse 7 it is mentioned that Cain married his sister Awan.

The Letters Of The AntiChrist 666
This is more of a query on the same subject,666. I have read in the later discoveries i.e.the Dead Sea scrolls there is a manuscripts which reads Revelation 13:18 as 615 and another two wich reads as 665 .

Questions About Revelations
Before we attempt to understand the Book of Revelation, we will first have to resolve one issue and that will be the key of understanding the Anti-Christ. Read Revelation Chapter 7: verses 3 to 8: Why is the Tribe of Dan not mentioned ? I have been praying on this for the last many years. This was a doubt that I had 25 years ago and it is still unresolved. I do not know whether I am a fool for asking this question, but I have got no reply from anybody I asked ?

Jews Against The Anti-Christ
First and Foremost the Anti_Christ will be a Israelite. The physical Children of Israel will accept him as a messiah Initially . For 3.5 years or 1260 days they will follow the false Messiah and after that when he desecrates the Temple in Israel they will turn against him .Of the children of Israel living then 144000 will be saved ( Rev:7:3-8), but the tribe of Dan is missing !

What Is The Da Vinci Code
The author of the book himself says it is a work of Fiction. Fiction is fiction and not reality.

Yes as followers of Christ, we are rightly offended because the book portrays Jesus as married with Mary Magdalene and having children . We have to do only one thing to look unto Jesus who is the author of our faith. His grace will take us to eternity and not Da Vinci.

Why Does God Let Us Suffer
Whom God loves , him will he chastise . When my parents punished me as a child , I suffered, but they did it for my good. God sometimes uses human agency,sometimes sickness to punish us. When you suffer do not ask why but Lord help me to understand you and me better. The suffering that is imposed on us is not something greater than we can bear,. The Lord knows our strength and resistance.

Just Lost Husband And Need Help
Dear Penny, Words are not going to console you , but remember there are many who have read what you have written and are secretly praying for you . The Lord will pour forth his grace upon you .. as Job was healed of his loss of his children , so will you be healed. How..I do not know but the Lord Jesus I believe in is also a man who wept when he came to the tomb of Lazarus.

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