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Confess Our Sin In Public
When I was a teenager, a friend of mine got pregenant and the church leadership had her come before the congregation and say that she was sorry. I had problems with it and I still do. I think it is only necessary to confess your sins to God. If God wants you to ask someone for forgiveness, then go to that person and not to a whole congregation of people who might not understand your situation. Joy9988

My Boyfriend Is Always Too Busy
People make time for those things that are important to them. If your boyfriend does not have time for you now, he will not change when he is married. Sometimes, we busy ourselves to block us from dealing with issues in our lives. You need to talk with your boyfriend about the problem. If the situation does not change, move on. Joy9988

Am I Considered Married
Some states have statues for common law mariages, but according to God's law you would not be married until you entered into a covenant relationship through the exchanging of marriage vows. Joy9988

Is Love A Feeling Or An Action
Love is action. John 3:16 says, "God so loved the world that he GAVE his son for the forgiveness of sin." When I was a child, I viewed love as a feeling, but maturity has taught me not to rely solely on my feelings. You can grow to love and respect a person with time even when the feelings are long gone. Joy 9988

Diagnosed Parnoid Schizophrenia
A wonderful movie to watch that deals with this issue is A Beautiful Mind. I am a living witiness that a person can have a quality life with the help of God, loving friends and family, as well as facing the reality that medical intervention might be necesssary. Most people fail when dealing with mental illness because they are in denial. They refuse to get help and stay on their meds. Mental illness is another aspect of the curse, but it does not have to overtake your life. Joy9988

Relationship With Jesus

Do I Marry My Boyfriend
I am one for being practical...You didn't mentioned that you loved him, but something must be positive about the relationship after all it's been two years in the making of it. So, this is a plus for marriage. I think you should find out his intentions toward you and your children. So come out and ask him where do you and your children fit in his life. Inquire and see if he is considering you and your children as being a continual part in terms of marriage. If he says yes, "Go for it Girl!"

When Do Christians Mature
I think the doctrines of the church are important, but God wants to mature us and bring us into perfection which was modeled by the life Christ lived. Christian maturity is the ability to continually walk in love and to live a life of love as Christ did. Joy9988

Working In The Place Of Jesus
Sorry Allan. I see what you mean now. Joy9988

Working In The Place Of Jesus
Allan, I am sorry, but I don't understand. Are you saying that some people see themselves as being a "work" because they are created in the image of God and therefore, they should not do things to help people? How can a person put those two things together and justify not doing good deeds for people? It dosen't make sense to me. We are expressing "works" in two different ways. Joy9988

My Goals Have Stalled
Bravo! Well said, Bill. Joy9988

Working In The Place Of Jesus
Allen, all the things that you listed such as listening to the lonely, giving a cup of water...are all considered to be the works of a christian. Joy9988

Working In The Place Of Jesus
It is a true statement. If we do not do the works that God calls us to do or those he wants us to do, then God's hands are tied. He only works through the actions of people. For example, if a person needs money, we have to give it. God will not rain money from heaven to meet the need. Joy9988

Money Or Faith Most Important
You can use faith to receive from God, even money. Joy9988

Life Without Friends
One of my pastor's favorite saying is "Life was not meant to be done alone". Joy9988

Tithes From The Gross Or Net
I think the point that needs to be made is a christian should tithe. It's not just old testament law. Some christians have not even started tithing the 10 percent yet. A person has to start somewhere. Above and beyond is better, but we are required to tithe at least 10 percent of our income. Joy9988

How To Respond To God
If I believed I had heard from God, first, I would go to my Bible and see if what I had received lined up with what the Bible said. Next, I would seek the counsel of my pastor or some other person who had revelation knowledge about the Word of God. My final confirmation would be peace. I would only act on what I had received, if all three of these avenues came together. Joy9988

How Can I Please God
The best way to be pleasing to God is to be obedient to the written and spoken Word of God. Do the things that are written in the Word of God and do the things which the Holy Spirit lays on your heart to do. Joy9988

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