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End Of World September 2017
Every knee shall bow...When Teebow, a white Christian bowed - nothing was said about kneeling. When Kopernick - a biracial Christian kneels (also white if you follow the census which says that a child takes the race of his mother - Obama is also white by those standards), it is considered disrespectful to the flag. Opinions are like noses, we all have one. Blacks have as much right to kneel when the national anthem is played as whites have the same right to stand. The Black soldiers that have died to protect this country are no less dead than the white ones that have died. Read the history of the man that wrote the national anthem - educate yourself before you take an opinion.

Can Angels Have God's Grace
If grace is God's unmerited favor, then grace has been extended to all of God's creation because none of His creation "deserve" anything that He has given. Grace is an expression of God's character of love. Adam had grace BEFORE he sinned.

Tearing Down Statues
I don't believe that the statues should be pulled down. I believe that a statue of Nat Turner and one of a lynched black man should be hung next to each of them. I believe the confederate flag should be flown but only if has pictures on the front and back of a lynched black man. That would tell the true story of America's history.

How To Find A Godly Wife
To answer your question, a good wife comes from the Lord. The bible says that you can get houses and wealth from your parents, but you can only get a good wife as a gift from God. Trust him. The bible also tells us in Ps 5:3 that we should lay our requests before God and wait in expectation. You need to have an attitude of EXPECTATION. Expect that God will answer your prayer in due time. Always maintain a good and optimistic attitude and avoid negative people.

In the mean time, work on being the right person, because if you don't then even getting the right person won't make you happy.

God bless you and all the best.

Why So Many Divorced Christians
Ha! Jesus answered that one already, divorce comes from the hardness of our hearts.

People just don't have the strength to stick it out.

I think there's also too much emphasis on romantic feelings. that whole 'i just don't love you anymore' nonesense.

Love is a verb, not a noun people. If love was like a flu that you just catch, then the bible wouldn't have given a command to love your wife.

Was Jesus God In The Flesh
The bible says...I and the Father are one..who is speaking..Jesus. Just like a son and his father are so much alike that they say they are one, like when two people get married, they become one. Who in heaven sits at Gods right hand on that throne? Jesus does. They are two yet one. God even speeks..Behold this is my he points not at his self, but another is quiet simple. Jesus was in heaven in the beginning...when God first made man. The bible says no man has seen God, man has seen Jesus...

My Husband Is A Bum
I have to just trust and hear God, no matter how difficult this is at times. I again appreciate all the advice. Peace be with you all and May God bless you.

Note: If anyone wants to add more, then thank you. God is still in control.

My Husband Is A Bum
I do hear you TheSeg.

My Husband Is A Bum

We are married more than 5 years.
His are now teenagers.
Mine were teenagers and in college.
I found lots of evidence of drug use.
He admitted using.
He told me after marriage.
Yes record.
Word travels in a small town between family and acquantances in no time. People find out things that you don't want them to know.
No legal separation at all.
What ungodly reason would he have to move in with his ex, let alone move. I didn't tell him to do it. Co-equals? We own everything mutually, but contribute unequally. But God is the judge here actually. This is more than relationship, it's a marriage.

My Husband Is A Bum
I say Amen, faith indeed.

My Husband Is A Bum
My husband has been out of work for about 3 years, maybe more on a steady a paying job. Has had odd jobs. When we met he worked, lived with his Aunt and drove his own car. He has run a business. He's been on crack cocain apparently for many years, off and on (I found this out after marriage). He has been gone for close to 3 months. I was working same jobs then as now. It's been a struggle. My daughters are in college and My son, the eldest, is a college graduate and working out of state. Not saying I am perfect, not painting a bad picture of him. No one wanted to except him initially and he has experienced a lot of pain and frustration due to family and outsiders. Some things can push a person backward. I am always faithful to my husband.

My Husband Is A Bum
I appreciate the advice, and the understanding. Still going through it though. I live in a small town and th remarks and judgements have taken a toll, along with my families criticism. I don't blame anyone, it's like mud and I'm wading through it. Just right now while at work knowing that my co-workers also know some of my experience, I believe they are being smug and judgemental. What I hear is how wonderful their relationships and marriage is. They go on and on. I'm so stressed at times and depressed I think there's no where to turn. God is certainly there, but I have difficulty hearing him. I continue to pray and seek him. There is a program and a women's group at my church, it just started. I will attend it as often as I can.

My Husband Is A Bum
I never said my husband was an unbeliever. When I entered this blog I never titled it this way. Certainly didn't intend for anyone to interpret him as a bum. No I am not giving him money to do drugs. Sorry I ever mentioned any of this.I feel like I'm going against my marriage by telling any of this. I pray God will forgive me.

My Husband Is A Bum
I say he is not cheating, because he has not for entire time we were married, which is 5 1/2 years. We are both christians, and have accepted Christ. I believe he is confused because of the drugs and the non-working is linked to that. My husband is very convincing and at times has actually done the right thing. It's hard to describe everything, and I know how it appears. We do talk every day, and pray together. He professes how much he loves me. I'm certain he is a battle. My family and his felt the need to go against our marriage considering. I am not convinced he is cheating regardless. It's hard to know what he is going through.

My Daughter Is Bipolar
My daughter too is mentally ill and I pray for her healing always. She has lost custody of her two boys because she can not take care of them. I know your sorrow and how difficult it is waiting for God to grant us what we hope for. Jesus hears us and is close to those who suffer. I think there is so much evil in the world that He is asking us to carry this particular cross, to offer our suffering for sinners. He redeemed souls in His passion and He wants our prayer of suffering for others. This gives me peace and my many prayers for my daughter have put good people in her life and I see little "miracles". I will put your daughter in my daily prayers, please keep Karin in yours and we mothers will storm heaven! Bless you.

Spiritual Warfare Attacks
Spiritual warfare is surely brought on by ourselves often, but just as often, I have found I am not seeing something God really wants me to know. He allows me to go through certain things because it causes growth and opens my eyes to truth. Also, my total reliance on Him comes shining through in these times.

Mentally Sick And Demons
I have read these posts. I have a daughter who sufferes from several mental issues. It is not as easy as some make it sound

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Today
Wow! This is such an important subject and one that is very confusing to so many. I for one would love to ask some questions of someone who is filled with the Holy Spirit and not out to simply dispute the subject.

Benny Hinn Is Selling Statues
I do not judge the person, but the evidence laying before me and that being their fruit. About a year ago, I travelled some distance with one of my daughters to seek prayer for the other daughter. After much trouble getting to the function Mr. Hinn was speaking at, we spent 2 days listening to him give very short sermons. Please see continue below...

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