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My Boyfriend Is Always Too Busy
Maybe he REALLY is busy or could be that he is a workaholic. Mine told me that he is proud that he is working like this while others are without work. I've found that guys really value their work and use that to try to impress women. My guy works 15 hour days and I work and go to school and I'm a single mom of 5 so we are BOTH busy. It does get lonely somedays and I wonder why we are in this relationship. We do call everyday though. Why don't you confront him about whether or not he wants to end the relationship because he is too busy. He may see how this affects you what he is doing. No one is going to be there 24 / 7 honey.

I Don't Understand Catholic Family
Some rules are manmade, some are God made. Catholics dogma means they are rules that come out of the teachings according to the agreement of the church. They have an entire book of why they believe called the catechism. You can read that if you want to know why they believe what they do. If you want to know the truth, ask for the gift of discernment, read God's word, he will explain it to you if you seek his truth. It doesn't matter what I think, I hold what he reveals in my heart because it only starts pointless arguments. It is up to God to tell you what the truth is about this and that. Test everything by the word and by the gifts of the Holy Spirit!

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