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Reconciled To God By Jesus
Don't be fooled. You have to come through Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY way. Jesus is the only person who lived whose blood has not been tained with sin. So, he is the only person who could go to the Father on our behalf as a perfect substitute for us. So, this alone qualifies him to die in our place. Then, God rose him from the dead. No other religious leader can make these claims. So, this does away with all the other religions in the world and their so called saving or redemptive power. Joy 9988

Top Reasons To Tithe
Of course, tithing is biblical. In Malacai 3:10, it says "...bring the tithe into the storehouse and see if I will not pour you out a blessing". So, God challenges a person to try him in this area. The reasons to tithe are because God says do it and it brings prosperity. Joy9988

Victorious Christian Living
Yes, victorious christian living is a reality. The key is using the sciptures and faith to make your life victorious. When I slack off from centering my life on the Word of God and treating people with love which is demonstrated action by giving to meet the needs of others, my life becomes depressed and my circumstances over take me. To be victorious, one must constantly be using the Word of God as a tool coupled with your faith. Joy9988

The Divorced Missionary
Yes, God can use you if you are divorced and remarried. He just wants you to be willing and to serve Him where He has planted you. Always follow favor. If the people where you are serving now accept you, your family, and your ministry then stay there. Do not worry about man. God will give you the resources both financially, emotionally, and spiritually to stay where He has planted you and to finish the work He has called you and your family to do. Joy9988

Is Scripture Alone Correct
Scripture is the very Word of God breathed out of His mouth. It is a love letter to the world. God inspired men to write the Bible. The Bible is the only true standard that christians can count on to help us do life and to base our decesions on. We are to use scripture as our example to help us change our personal thoughts and actions. We are to line up our ideas and actions with what the Word of God says and not with personal arguments, thoughts, or beliefs. Joy9988

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