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How To Share Christ With Jews
Trav is ever entertaining. The only person taking him seriously is Trav.

USA Founded On Godly Ideas
The Christians settling in New England fled persecution by other Christians living in England. They in turn persecuted other Christians with whom they disagreed. The Christians settling further south came to make money. So I guess America is a Christian nation.

Cain's Offering Unacceptable
No evidence that God have any instructions to Cain and Abel about what might be a valid sacrifice.

Israel Replacement Theology
Trav, you're entertaining, I'll give you that!

Why Are We On Earth
Could it be that God was simply bored and needed something to do?

Israel Replacement Theology
Arthur Koestler was a novelist, not a historian. His book, The Thirteenth Tribe, is only speculation. It is not credible. But the anti-semites love it.

Christians Are Mentally Sick
Some Christians are pretty wacky and some aren't. Which are you?

Martin Luther Opposed Works
Salvation By Faith Alone is a Lutheran invention. Luther was self-appointed. You can take him or leave him.

Did Abraham Tithe Once
Tithe means Tenth. They're synonymous.

Why Was Paul Chosen
Paul claimed on his own to be chosen by God. That doesn't mean he actually was chosen.

Is Satan The Ruler Of Hell
Both good and evil originate in God. He rules heaven and hell. He's the king of the universe.

Starting A Prison Ministry
Bill, I'm sure you'll do just fine. You're someone who does his homework. :-)

Are Fornication Sins The Worse
Is someone saying that visiting a prostitute is more horrible than running a place like Auschwitz?

Is Obama The AntiChrist
Fred Phelps says Mr. Obama is the antichrist.

Starting A Prison Ministry
I've made hundreds of prison visits. Main thing, don't patronize.

Is Thank You A Biblical Work
I simply don't understand the question.

Are Israel Jews Saved
I thought people were saved because they were human, not because they were Jews or Gentiles.

What Is A True Christian
I think of someone is a Christian, he's a true Christian. Not up to me to decide who is true. Let the devil do the accusing.

Son Will Not Pay Rent
Why would you let anyone like that stay in your home, son or not?

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