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Legitamate Christian Ministry
Cluny and others who have not heard of it. would appreciate it if you google it and look at website and tell me if you think it is an acceptable form of helping a person to have healing of memories. They work with victims of santanic ritual abuse and others with problems with fear and stuff. Just do not want to get involved with anything that sounds new age.

Can God Cure Mental Illness
Jed, a mental disorder needs supernatural deliverance and a behavioral one does not? What is a mental disorder to you, schizophrenia? What is a behavioral disorder? Is anxiety disorder a behavioral disorder to you?

Suicide Sends To Hell
that is what I am taling about Christian. I was raised in old fashioned Roman Catholic church and I always believed and was taught that suicide was sort of like blasphemy. It was like denying Christ. Now I am not in RC but I still have that feeling that this is true. I hope Katherine that u r right. I really do. I would like to believe that it is all about the grace. I just do not know if that is pushing it abit.

Suicide Sends To Hell
Folks, I was always led to believe that suicide is the ultimate "slap in the face" to God. It is a lack of trust in His ability to help you. It is murder of yourself. If the Holy Spirit lives in us, we should not murder--even ourselves. Not everyone who commits suicide is mentally ill perse. Some have great physical pain. Others have experienced deep tragedy--maybe a loss of a child. The pain in ones heart is too great. We are not all as strong as Job. yet is it not the final act of not trusting in the Almighty God?

Catholic And Christian Dating
No child...we are not all God's Children--only those who have been saved-accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. All others are God's unsaved, rebellious creation, separated from God because of sin. Is this boyfriend a true lover of Christ? Has he given his heart completely to Jesus? Has he been born again? that is what is important, as the Bible tells us not to be unequally yoked with an unbeliever.

Husband Will Not Provide
My husband squanders our money too. It's how he was raised and has no understanding of money's value. We continue to get in more and more debt. I'm very offended at our culture and their lax attitude about divorce. I plan on staying in this marriage for life as God intended the marriage covenant to be. He is good and faithful to us in spite of our sin just as we should remain committed and faithful in our marriage in spite of our spouse's sin. Mark 10:6-9. In the bible God only allowed divorce for marital unfaithfulness. Pray about your situation and have faith that God has a plan in spite of your difficult circumstances. Best to you.

Generational Curses Biblical
Another burden placed on believers who have been set free by the blood of Jesus. It binds believers with the idea that there is more than personal sin to contend with. The world, the flesh, and the devil aren't enough? We have to worry about sins that our ancestors committed too? The first chapter of Galatians takes care of that. Curses are an occult element arising from darkness. Go ahead and pray against your generational curses though if you like. How do you know how far back they go? How do you know there aren't more hiding out somewhere in the past that have been overlooked? Maybe a witch doctor or one skilled in divination can help uncover them since they're the ones who have always been skilled in doing that kind of thing.

I Can't Forgive Myself
I forgive people who hurt me easier than I forgive myself. I think right away, if you weren't so weird and stupid, people wouldn't do that to you. I confess this to the Father honestly. I figure he knows already anyway. I run to the Father and he always receives me. God is our refuge and our strength. I give up trying to be who I wish to be, and cast myself unto the Lord. It is why I am still here. I have done this many times over. God has never turned away. My faith grows and I now recognize the Master's voice, I couldn't before. I have nothing to give him but my gratitude. The Comforter ministers. Please don't give up. God knows you are struggling, all of creation struggles. He's made a way to get you through.

Do Animals Go To Heaven
Dear Mic,you need to re-read Genesis very carefully.It never ever said that animals were created only for our use and as FOOD.On the contrary the animals had plants to eat and we had the fruit of the trees,it was not til the fall of mankind,when men had to labor to get their food,that animals were permitted to be eaten because of a fallen state.It was not such in the beginning and I assume it will not be in eternity either.Again Mic,you are wrong...

Do Unborn Babies Go To Hell
The Bible tells us that Our God is a Just God and loving Father.He would not send the souls of unborn babes to hell just like that.I have heard 2 theories.First,all babies,born and unborn go to heaven.I tend to lean toward this theory.The other is that God knows the future and would know if that child would have accepted Him if He had lived.He knows the heart,and would be judged accordingly.Let us also remember though that the Bible states that a child is made holy thru a believing(Christian)parent.Seems likely most and probably all babes go straight to heaven,but as on many topics,the Bible does not directly speak on the topic.

Will We Know People In Heaven
I have but one thing to say "we'll understand it all by and by" if we get to heaven.Judy

Trick Or Treat On Halloween
The occultic aspects of Halloween are evil.Dressing as Devils and witches are not appropriate.However,in the Church,Halloween was All Hallows Eve,preceding all saints day and all souls day.It was meant to remember the dead and the saints in Heaven.Many Christian churches now celebrate the Harvest Festival in place of Halloween to attempt to escape the occultic ties often associated with this Holiday without depriving Children of having fun and dressing up and getting all the goodies they look forward to each year.I mainly take my kids to Churches having Harvest Festivals,but sometimes my kids will collect candy door to door,give out Bible tracts,and say thank you and God bless you to each neighbor they visit.Glorify God whenever you can.

Do Animals Go To Heaven
Mic,not one of my past blogs have you refuted.Not one scripture to back up your opinion.Noone is saying the souls and spirits of animals are the SAME as mankinds,but they do have a soul and spirit,which is Biblical if one does a word study.Originally death was never supposed to be in the Garden,Adam and Eve were meant to live forever as well as their animal "friends".God will renew the earth and return things to its original heavenly state.There will be "eternal"animals.Can they be the ones we had?No 100% guarantee,but studying the character and love of God and his past convenants with animals,one would surmise that this possiblility is most likely-esp if we ask and desire it.

Does Purgatory Exist
The closest thing to Purgatory in the Old Testament is the Bosom of Abraham,for the faithful dead before Christ.In a connected,though separate realm,was the hellish part of Hades.RCC took the idea of the Bosom of Abraham and came up with the doctrine of Purgatory,partly based on this and partly based on the idea that we can pray for the dead,as stated,I believe in Maccabees,an ancient book not accepted as Scripture by all Christians.

Jesus Born On December 25th
I agree with you Matt,that Jesus could have been conceived in December.But that would make his birthday around September,not August.Or if counting a lunar month,even October.The actual date of the 25th coincided with a pagan holiday,and the church attempted to get people's minds off the pagan holiday and give them something good and wonderful to celebrate instead.Thus,our current Christmas season,and Dec.25th as the birthdate.

Ghosts Of The Dead
Oh,I know there are "ghosts"meaning spirits.I know there are demonic ones and even human ones.The once human ghosts are with God or the unsaved waiting judgement.What I wonder is,could on occasion these ghosts of humans,be summoned or have some unfinished business so that they did not pass over.Remember Saul and Samuel.That was at least one exception to the rule.Television is full of stories of long gone "loved ones" coming back and helping them in time of need?Would demon spirits do good?

Former Husbands Kids
One last thing,before someone says that i should take him to court and make him pay childsupport,let me tell you why I have not.Blackmail!!! My ex hung out with very unsavory types,druggies,and other types of people I would not want my children around--not Christians.He threatened that if I forced him to pay child support,he would make sure he got them on the weekends and take them to places I would deem unsafe to worry me literally out of my mind.I really believe he would out of spite.No money in the world would be enough to make me go thru the torture he would put me through.So he gets a free ticket.But he is a "Christian".My babygirl wants him in her life,so i need to bribe him to come over??what else can i do?

Are Catholics Christians
Let me blow your mind.I believe the body of Christ will include people of all "Christian"denominations--various Protestants,i.e.Baptists,Pentecostals,Lutherans,Adventists,Episcopalians,Apostolic,Charismatic,Non-Denominational and "Catholic"Greek Orthodox,and even Roman Catholic.In fact maybe a remnant from even the so-called cults,Jehovah Witness for example.God sees the heart of a person.If they believe that Jesus died for their sins,and call upon the name of the Lord,I do not believe God will reject a heart felt earnest plea,just because some of their theology may be a little off balance.Jesus knows who really loves him and who desires to do right.

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