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How Often Should We Repent
Yes, I agree a Christian is covered by the Blood of Christ. Yet, we are all sinners who I feel need to repent and ask for forgiveness for each sin we commit. I believe we need to ask for forgiveness only once, as long as we turn away from that sin and never do it again. If we chose to commit that same sin, we need to crucify our flesh on a daily basis.

Who Is Kim Clement
I have personally seen Kim Clement three times. I have always had some very awesome Spiritual experiences during the service. I believe in my Spirit that Kim is a true Prophet of God. All of his prophesies have come to fruition. Every time I saw Him, the Holy Spirit was so strong in our church and in myself. I have always cried tears of gratefulness to my Lord. When my Spirit is joyful and at peace, that is my confirmation.

Living By Faith Or With Money
I live by faith. There have been many many times when I was short on money or had no more to pay a bill or buy food, and the Lord has always supplied for my needs and that of my children. Many times an unexpected check has arrived in my mailbox, or money has also just been found and no one claimed it. God is my Provider at all times in my life. Real faith is believing without seeing Matt 8:5-13

Bound To Walked Out Husband
My husband walked out on me and our two children also. My Pastor counseled me and He stated that there are three reasons that God approves of divorce. If we are physically or mentally abused, if our husbands commit adultry, and if the husband is unsaved and he leaves let him go. If he returns be the Light of Christ for his own salvation. My husband committed adultry and left. He in turn asked for a divorce. I will keep you in my prayers.

Is Slain In The Spirit Fake
Praise the Lord. I firmly believe that being so in touch and open to the Holy Spirit that I have been slain in the Holy Sprit. I never felt more peaceful or closer to the Lord then I have then.

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