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Difference Between Catholics
I volunteer at a Christian camp during the summer and every year there are catholic campers who say that when they die they will do to purgatory. The consolers at this camp thing this means the child dose not think they will go to heaven, but in fact the opposite is true. Purgatory is not a cosmic waiting room. It is the process by which we are glorified. So when Catholics say that they will go to purgatory when they die it is actually a conformation of their salvation.

Is The Soul Immortal
Adam was a living being, not a living soul.
We are now human beings, less than living, we are existing,Christ came that we might live, more than existing.

Baptist, Catholic Or Pentacostal
Mike, their answers are from their point of view, which makes them fundamentalist. Trust me, they may be telling you what you want to hear now, but if you join their church, you will not hear the same things you are hearing now. You will be told what to think, how to believe, what to eat, how to dress. They do not believe in general education. You will be taught what they want you to know. Will you please listen...I lived this for 40 years! I'm not making it up.

Baptist, Catholic Or Pentacostal
Mike..if you have questions about the Mormon Church, please ask me. You will only get one side of the fence from them, you will get both sides from me, because I've been there. I agree, fundamentalists can take thing truly out of proportion, but do not kid yourself. The LDS Church, even the so called mainstream LDS, is as fundamental as they come. The word cult is not strong enough for them. I know, I lived it for 40 years! They may be friendly, but they are truly controlling.

How Many People In Your Church
Ours is small too..about 150 to 200 people. I love it...they are our family.
I think in the mega churches you get the benefits of lots of money to do all sorts of things, but you don't have the benefit of one on one fellowship with the pastor and the body of Christ. That's what I like.

Baptist, Catholic Or Pentacostal
HiTbabe..yes, Utah Lighthouse Ministry is one of the places that mentored me as I was coming out of Mormonism...they are awesome, and tell it like it is. MikeM, I will truly pray for you. You are truly deceived if you think the Mormons are giving you any kind of a straight answer or any truth. I grew up with it is beyond sinful to question any of their teachings. I haven't seen that since I became born again. Run, run, NOW! Trust me..the Word says resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Baptist, Catholic Or Pentacostal
I agree with Shira. Your denomination has nothing to do with whether or not you are a believer in Christ or whether you are saved.
However, I can state for the record, that I was a Mormon for over 40 years, (I am now a born again believer and attend a Pentecostal church) and I can say without a doubt that Mormons are not Christians. They do not believe the blood of Christ saves you, which is Christianity in a nutshell.

Am I Spirit Filled Or Not
Amen, Helen...Shira, Helen is right. Having the Holy Spirit indwell in your heart and the baptism of the Holy Spirit are two different things. I was saved almost three years ago, and just this year was baptised in the Holy Spirit. Speaking in tongues doesn't necessarily mean you will automatically speak accepted languages of this world, unless God wants you to have that gift. I only speak in tongues in my prayer life, and it's no language I ever heard before...but I know God understands it.

Christian To Marry A Catholic
A Catholic/Alan. Just because no-one answered your last blog, you come up with another attack on Eloy.

Use Only One Blog Name
Alan why do you always try to introduce humour into subjects. These blogs are supposed to treat things seriously no wonder people get upset at you.

Pat Robertson And Dover
Our family loves Pat Robertson. He has helped us in the past personally and has helped many others. We thank God for Pat and his gifts which he uses in his ministry. He is surely a "Man of God"! God bless.

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