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Is America A Christian Nation
We barely qualify as a Christian nation if we had been plopped here last week. We are now in a post-Christian society and God is probably having a rough time finding 50..40..30..20..10 righteous people in the whole country, boom.

Wierd Laws In The OT
Think about it, farmers today rotate their crops. A garment made with two different fabrics ususally must be dry cleaned. God still makes sense. He also gave directions for dealing with mildew, infectios skin diseases, purification after childbirth, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Thanksgiving Recipe Blog
If you like pumpkin pie with cool whip and cheese cake, Try the pumpkin cheesecake rescipe by Philedelphia Cream Cheese. It is so good, you don't need any cool whip to go with it!

Are C-Sections Biblical
Look at the instructions for cleaning in the old testament. We don't treat mildew the way the israelites were instructed to in the wilderness, we use things like Tilex. Let the insensitive inlaw have their say, smile and nod and let it go straight in one ear and out the other. Her ideas on motherhood are nonsense and not worth being offended over.

Am I Going To Be Doomed
I am assuming you are from USA. Talk to your parents honey. Tell Mr. old enough to go to jail if he gets out of hand to slow down some, you have to get through high school.
Good luck sweetie. I liked a 21 year old fellow when I was your age, nothing wrong with like when you are young, just stay out of trouble. ;)

Coworkers Are Mad Because I Won't
I agree with those who say don't mix work and social life. Politely decline and don't offer an explanation. Your private life is none of your co-workers business.
That can go for anyone who tries to fix you up. If I can get people to quit dragging their brothers into my path I will be quite satisfied. God will bring His man for you.

Divorce For Poor Performance
Try to get your friend to list the good things in their situation. The bedroom is an area that can be improved upon. Good husbands don't come trained, they need improvement in all areas when they first arrive. Remind your friend that the vows are for better of worse and this is a worse that can be fixed.

Can Somebody Help Me
I had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and have found great help from a christian counselor. Medication will help, but dealing with the root is necessary to really be healed. Find a way to worship, I painted murals in the children's area at my church during my darkest hours. Ask God to help you overcome. He always answered me.

What Is Your Best Christian Song
Right now I like "Held" by Natalie Grant. It really speaks to tragedy.

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