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Thoughts About Dating Sites
I believe it is very dangerous. Because anyone can lie over the computer. And there are alot of sick people out there who can be sly about getting personnel information.

This is true. I seek friendship, not a mate. But as I was looking to find friendship, I came across one add that said, "If you don't have your picture posted, then do not write to me. It would be a waste of my time and your time."

Thoughts About Dating Sites
For Anonymous: Questions: 1. NO. 2 N/A 3. NO. 4. - I AGREE.

For Dave: Questions: 1. NO. 2. NO. 3. NO. 4. NO.

Why are you twisting the question around to make it some sort of battle?

Am I Too Old For Marriage
Grief after the "death" of a relationship is normal. Give it some time and join in Christian fellowship! Meet new people! Time heals all things. God Bless!

Where Do You Meet A Real Man
The salary issue is more so that I can be on an equal footing financially with future love. I am a middle aged woman with grown children. I would like to meet someone who can afford to take me out to dinner, not a fancy restaurant, but a meal with plates and silverware, not a fast food place. I would like to meet someone who could afford to travel, and sightsee, not just go camping and eat canned beans. I don't do sleeping bags, I do Holiday Inn. I went through my rough times financially. I don't want to go back there. I love to travel and would love to travel with someone special.

Where Do You Meet A Real Man
Dennis: I am really looking for someone with a comparable career and income. If they make more, that is on them if they wish to date me.

My last relationship was long distance, and the man had me stay in a horrible dump of a motel in a very bad neighborhood where I did not feel safe. He only took me to one restaurant, the rest of the time we ate groceries in my hotel room. When he visited me, I put him up in a moderately priced hotel in a decent area. He would not allow me to take him to restaurants and pay. We ate groceries again. He expected me to cook for him.

Where Do You Meet A Real Man
nvBarbara: They don't exist in the personal section of ChristiaNet. In my state there are zero professionals. They make less than me. I have gone to other Christian dating websites and found the same. After my last relationship, I gave up on dating for now.

Right now, I am not really looking, just doing some research for if and when I believe it is my time to look again. I had a bad marriage, husband left and remarried. Both are professionals and make more than me. HA. Ironic.

Where Do You Meet A Real Man
To continue further, I am not looking for someone for their money, but trying to protect myself because I have dated men who earn less than me, and felt they were looking for someone to support them. Also, the men I have met were into being right about scripture and legalistic stuff, and did not have an active area where they served the Lord.

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