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Can A Christian Go To A Bar
It is not true a person has to be sober to be saved. The Holy Spirit works miraculously in ways we do not understand. It is not a requirement that we change to accept Christ, that follows from receiving Him as Lord and Savior.

Does God Forgive Divorce
Remember the WOMAN AT THE WELL? She had 5 Husbands! God revealed himself to her and he forgave her. She then went into the town sharing what the Lord had done for her. Many were saved because of her testimony. God forgives all sin if we confess with a pure heart. There is only one unpardonable sin...and this ain't it. Confess, Sin No More,,,that is what Jesus told the woman Caught in the act of adultery.

Should A Pastor Counsel Women
It just isn't seem safe anymore. I am in a church where a pastor that has been serving for 52 years has a string of strong accusations and charges for fondling women, some of which were in counseling. I would rather MENTOR a younger women into a better relationship with her husband than to see her in a mess that could end any marriage.

Early Human Fossils
The early hominid "Lucy" was a fraud. Her leg bone which was human was not found with the rest of the monkey skeleton. David Johanssen lied about this archeological "find" in order to get more grant money.

Divorce Abusive Husband
Is he just acting like a Guy? Guys act diferently than women. They mess with each other and tease. A comback like grow up, or that's not true, etc. might make you feel better. You don't have to insult them back. I am working on having a more positive confession. Or saying things like praise God. Bless you etc. Is your husband a Christian? Quoting a bible verse might help. Like men are supposed to love their wives, like Christ loved the church and lay their lives down for them.

Working Mom Has Son Problems
Pick your battles. Not all kid-like behavior is bad (maybe just irritating). Explain the consequence for disobedience and be prepared to enforce it. Let the child know what God expects (be nice to people, take care of your stuff, use your brain, prepare to be self-sufficient, obey authority, and listen to God). Pray and find a good church. Find a friend for your son from a Christian family. Remember - your child is ultimately responsible to God for his behavior. You are just the earthly teacher!

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