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Catholic Church Traditions
There is only one who died for the sins of the world. Acts 4:12.Neither is there salvation in any other; for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. That name is Jesus Christ. Read Philippians 2: 9-11.

I Am Depressed And Bored
You have got to pray. Although you may not feel like it, you have to break through and keep reading the word of God. Satan is trying to make you lose sight of the mark for the prize of the high calling of God which is in Christ Jesus. Phil. 3:14 You must press your way. Get involved in your church and fellowship.

Does Jesus Heal Today
I am so glad that the Lord is still in the healing business today to those who have faith and believe. His word is the same yesterday, today and forever. I am a living witness today, as someone who should have been dead, but because of prayers and the grace of God am alive to tell others that the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, still saves, delivers and heals.

Can The Holy Spirit Leave
There is no such thing as osas. If that was the case, there would be no (5 foolish virgins). Every christian needs to work out their salvation w/fear & trembling & keep their eyes & minds focused on Christ.The Lord will not leave you, but you can leave him. The Holy Spirit is a gift... If you leave the Lord, you must go back to him..ask for forgiveness..pick up your cross & follow him & stir up the gift of the Holy Ghost that lieth within you. I was a backslider. Thank God for his mercy and grace.

Can Drunks Go To Heaven
No. Your work towards salvation must be done down here in order to get to heaven. The drunkard needs to find God now. If he lays his life at an altar and cry out to the Lord for forgiveness and deliverance, the Lord will meet him and save him. But now is the is the day of salvation..while the Spirit of God is still moving in this Earth today..He can wash away sins even though they be red as scarlett. I hope whoever you are refering to will turn his life over to Christ before it is too late.

Is The End Time Weather Worse
Yes, we are living in the last days and the coming of the Lord is soon upon us. He said changes in the weather would be one of the signs. I have never seen weather like it is today. Every day there is something happening somewhere whether it is a mudslide, fires, floods, droughts..there is a strange feeling in the air..the Lord will soon return. I hope Christians everywhere have their lamps trimmed and burning bright.

Stop Christians From Giving
I agree with Susanna, find another church. I guess the widow with her 2 mites would of been in bad shape in that church.

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