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I Am In A Bad Marriage
I keep trying to get something from him that he does not have to give. He is very self centered and couldn't care less about my need. My kids (by 1st husband) are grown and gone, I just feel like I don't fit in this world anymore>\.

Married To A False Prophet
I was a Babe in the Lord not knowing his word. Neither did i have discerning at the time. I was in a wolves den. Please Sisters' and brothers' let us encourage one, another. Instead of condeming. I have a been completly alone in my Christian walk. As i come across many who condem. Instead of encourage as heavenly father asks us to do. Which is very, serious in the sight of God. May God bless us to help those in need. God Bless you.

Definition Of Love
I John 3 is talking about love. That is the seed that remains in us. Everyone commenting knows full well that you cannot have two masters, and, at the same time know that they do from time to time sin. That does not mean they have two masters. It simply means they must depend on what Christ did to have their sins forgiven.

The Great Falling Away
Falling from faith and falling away from the church are two totally different things.

Groaning Of The Spirit
I have groaned in my spirit for me, I was in prayer, I was crying for the loss of my Mother (about a year after her death) and I was in deep prayer when I felt the release of all the grief, anguish and despair and then it was done. I was beyond word,the groaning in my spirit was like a twisting of all my emotions with no sound coming out of me. Afterwards, I was no longer carrying the same load it had been lifted from me.

Will God Restore My Marriage
You can....ask God to speak toyou about it. God does do miracles like this...

Is It OK To Divorce My Husband
No its not ok. God can still work if you believe him. God can change your husband even though he abandoned you. But God wants to speakt oyu about this. Ask him...he promises to guide our lives.

Is It OK To Divorce My Husband
No it is not ok. God is still able to do a miracle and bring him back to you. But hold true to your vows...and you follow God..Dont try no more. LET GO and LET GOD WORK in his life..sometimes it takes longer than we like..but God is able and willing. Do not divorce him. God hates Divorce. it would be sin to divorce him.

Halloween And Jack O Lantern
here is the poem:
God picks you from the patch, brings you in, and
washes all of the dirt off which you may have gotten
from other pumpkins. Then, He cuts the top off and
scoops out all of the yucky stuff. He removes seeds
of doubt, hate, greed, unforgiveness, etc. Then, He
carves a new smiling face and puts His light inside of you
to shine for all the world to see. Are you letting your
light shine? Be a jack-o-lantern for Jesus!

Married After The Affair
I have taken difficult situations to the Lord in prayer and fasting (while alone x 3 days). I can only do this when I am willing to listen (receive) and obey no matter what. It sounds to me like God is doing a work in you for your maturation. God can spiritually open your eyes and ears to receive instruction. While his forgiveness and mercy are unfailing, the issue of consequences must equally be understood and accepted. I pray God brings you to peace.

Supernatural God Experience
I've had many supernatural experiences from God. Once he changed my voice when I was reading in church. It was beautiful and commanding at the same time. Once while reading the Word scripture was pulled forth from the Bible in front of me into 3-dimensional letters. Many more - our God is so powerful and wonderful.

Should I Approve An Atheist
Do not punish your daughter for being deceived. If you do, you have lost her. Attend her wedding. It does not mean you accept her beliefs.

I also have a son, 17, who has been raised in a strong, Christian home. He has chosen to walk away from the truth. I know your pain. For the first time I realize that I can't secure salvation for my children. Salvation comes only from the Lord. We can pray and we can love. Those are our weapons against Satan.

I believe Jesus would tell you swallow your pride and go to her wedding. Love her as her mother. That is your job. His job is the saving part. Nothing but regret awaits the alternative. I Corinthians 13, read it. Grace is the only answer.

In Christ, Karen

Help From Church If You Tithe
Sounds like the wife's needs are not being met. His time? His financial support? Pray for her, she shouldn't have access to tithe info at all. According to Abraham,before the law, tithe is 10% of your increase. Don't steal from God.

Two Dinosaurs In The Bible
In JOB God describes to Job three Dinosaurs. A Brontasaurus, a Plesiosaur, and an Anklosoraus. God even says the Brontasaurus was the FIRST creature He created. God HIMSELF admired it at how it could wade through great washing floods of rushing water and never budge. How it could eat from trees at the TOPS of mountains. These I believe were here with the rest of the Dinos during the garden of Eden. Any one who studies science would understand an actual time of 7000 {7 days} year period is not enough time to complete a planet's eco system. Theory, the exponential 1000 day day. [1 day is 1000 years but if you count each day in the 1000 years as a thousand years and so on multiplied by 7 etc} You will come up with a several million years.

How To Forgive My Husbands Affair
Hi.Jesus told us to forgive "as we have been forgiven" Are we forgiven of our sins while we continue in the? Are we forgiven by the Lord of our sins if we are arrogant and proud...heartless and unrepentent? You get my point? I believe our adulterous unrepentent spouses are denied forgiveness by God until they humbly repent.That is how we are called to forgive...The reason you are no doubt having a hard time because your husband continues in sin.We need to stop telling people that God calls us to do what He doesn't. Thanks.Karen

Cheating Husband And Two Kids
Believe Gods promises. Ask God for his love and forgiveness and believe that the God who split the Red Sea and turned the water into Wine can save your marriage. There is many marriage restoration ministries on the internet..if you want Gods will and want your marrige seek God. He will speak to you!

Will God Restore My Marriage
Yes you can ask God to restore your first marriage. Ask God to speak toyou in someway of this assurance. I believe God will do it if your willing to wait for him. God is all powerful and wants marriages together...You are meant to be with your first husband.

My Husband Does Drugs
Please pray for your loved one and let the Lord take care of it. There isn't anything that you or anyone else can do. I have been a Christian for a long time, then I let Satan move in when I lost my husband to divorce then my Dad passed away and my daughter disowned me. That was Satan's way into my life and world with drugs. Since then I have lost almost everything that I own (or the Lord let me borrow while here)and have decided to go back to church and I am trying my hardest to stay away from drugs, it is hard. But with the Lord's help I know I can do it. And so can your loved ones, just be patient and have faith in God and that your prayers will be answered.

Can Women Remarry
Carla, love, perhaps you should learn to temper your answers with compassion. Even the most hardened of us will balk at being constantly told we are in the wrong. Remember, a brother (or sister) offended is harder to win than a walled city


My Husband Is Narcissistic
I have been married 26 years to a Narcisstic personality.
I just thought that he had a wondering eye, for so long, but always knew that something just wasn't right.....especially when it come to his mother, her controlling influence and the dislike that my husband has for her to this day.
His issues fall into the "need to be prasied" all of the time. Be "right" all of the time. Is a 16 year old in a 49 year old body. And is still looking for that "perfect love".
I will not divorce him, as I feel that God has put me into his life for a reason. God, with me has his helper, are the best means that my husband has to rid himself from not being raised in a Christ-like manner.

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