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Is God Real
can you prove to me that he is not real?

No Baptism Then No Heaven
Thomas..respectfully, there ARE many scriptures,how could I write them all?.I chose this one because I felt it most appropriate.Jesus also says(Luke16;16) very CLEARLY, that one must be baptised. Jesus showed us how, by being baptised fully by John the baptist, it is a commandment, not an option.Seek all the scriptures as I do..R you baptised,in God's way?As Jesus said to Nicodemus, He says to us,all today.(John3;5)

Why Do You Have To Go To Church
THOMAS.. God's church is within His called children, made up of lively stones, with Jesus as the chief cornerstone, it is not a building or certain denomination.Those sealed with the Holy Spirit are His church, His bride , that Jesus died for, and will be at the wedding feast,with spotless garments.We are here to prepare ourselves, for eternity, with Him.

Benefit Of Speaking In Tongues
Cor.14;this covers all the benefits, purpose & reasons of speaking in tongues,it is God given ,not to be rejected, but encouraged for all to seek and desire.It is also a sign of God's seal, Eph1;13. God gave for the Church as a body, and individuals,for prophecy and edification.

Benny Hinn And Falling
It is the Word that must convict/All this hype is a farce, and man made/Jesus says to be wary of wolves in sheeps clothing, wheat and tares will be together until He returns.Other forces are here to thwart the word of God/ Satan is a deceiver, working as if a deliver.Jesus laid hands on people& were healed, not laid on the floor.

What Is Born Again Mean
John3:3.Nicodemus asks this same question. Jesus replies "You must be born of water AND of the Spirit" You are born again when you are baptised, by water,&filled with His Spirit. THAT day you will know,no one will need to tell you.It is not a feeling, but a tangible confirmation from God, with signs following as Mark16.18.The natural carnal man becomes Spiritual man, when God gives His spirit.Acts2;38. Full immersion Baptism is commandment of Jesus, the two go hand in hand,to be complete

No Baptism Then No Heaven
Thomas..Mark16:16.. Jesus, NOT me ,says,"He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned',that is very clear to me . Jesus showed us the way, because He is the way and example to follow. As regards the thief,God will be the judge, not us.When we know, we have no excuse not to obey God.It is a simple commandment from Jesus, man wants to do things his way, as from "Day one".

Prayer Did Not Help Him
It is purely God's perogative who is healed & who isnt;He may/may not heal.God gives this gift as/when / to whom HE wills: we need to seek HIS will, not our own.Death will come to us all, eventually, should Jesus tarry. The BEST gift is to have Jesus, He is the greatest gift,of eternal Life, eternal joy and eternal peace..

Benny Hinn And Falling
Even IF 3,000 "give" their heart to Jesus, it doesnt automatically make them christians,the Holy Spirit "seals" christians, then life as such must begin, and continue,huge numbers really dont mean a huge lot... Many are called but few are chosen...

Why Don't I Speak In Tougues
Matabbeki-mudenda;IF you desire, Jesus WILL fill YOU:and you will know it..PRAISE Him ++audibly, with all your heart, repent of all your sins, thank Him for what He HAS done.Jesus will fill an empty vessell, you WILL know when He has filled you with His Spirit..I will also pray for you..blessings to you, from Him.

Speaking In Tongues From Satan
Probably because they BLOCK God, and THEMSELVES by not desiring: this is what Satan wants, the Church to reject Holy Spirit to come which teaches all truth.. Listen to JESUS in His Word, not to the liar of all liars..Satan.

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