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Can A Woman Be A Pastor
Of course, a woman can be a pastor, do you watch the Word Network? there are so many churches that have women as co-pastors, it's happening everywhere. there are some churches that believe that women should not be in pulpits, you better leave that church and move on to something more annointing. these same men will be left behind when the rapture comes, don't rely on what someone else tells you, just like the word, a good minister will tell you to read it for yourself and not rely on what he is telling you, well...this is the same principal. God bless you and I will pray that the lord will remove the binders so that you can see clearly.

How Does God Talk To You
God speaks to me in many ways. Sometimes a small still voice speaks in scripture verses. Sometimes He speaks using words of today. Sometimes He uses people to give me a message.

A Man Said That I Shine
Jeffery I dont agree with what you said..I am in a very bad and hard time right now.I know God sent that particular man to me to uplift me and for him to minister to me.That is what he did and I praise GOd for it. I desperately needed to be ministered to at this time. The shine thing really caught my attention and made me feel very loved by God

A Man Said That I Shine
My life and home have been full of chaos and turmoil as my kids and I struggle through a divorce. I was not smiling when I opened the door. He moved his hand above his head and said he saw this..that I it really touched me inside to know that even though I feel down and drowning in all of this mess at home, he could see God is over me.

Can God Heal Me To Have Children
God can heal you and does. I was in the same position. Told by a famous specialist that I would never have children,on the way home I clearly heard God's voice ask me who do I believe Him or a mere human? 3 years, many miscarriages later I had my daughter, lost another baby 2 yrs later then had my son the next year. That was without any medical intervention..just a miracle from God and a lot of unwavering faith on my part

Should We Pray About Everything
I used to be a person who didn't pray about EVERYTHING,until I found out that the Bible does say to pray about everything. I also learned it is okay to pray for favor with God. God is concerned about everything in your life..not just the big things..All those tiny, trivial things I pray to God for..He gives to me on a daily basis.It is an amazing show of His love.True we have free will but God wants us to lean on Him for everything. I trust His decision over any and everything in my life.

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