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Fat Christian Women
Have you ever thought that some people can't help it if they are overweight because of certain health issues, like diabetes, etc.? Open your heart to seeing people how the Lord sees them instead of how man looks at them............

I Feel Guilty After An Affair
Simply, Jesus said: "Go, and sin no more."
God bless you!

Cheated On My Wife
Hi all. I am a wife whose husband has just revealed his recent adultury to, and I am in great pain. I pray for healing and correction. So with that, I will say this... to rebuild trust takes an inordinate amount of strength and it's a long bumpy road. Any attempt to make contact with your previous temptation and sin will only have you starting all over again, and it will be increasingly difficult to maintain that precious trust. Please see your wife as a gift to be treasured! =o) God bless you.

How Can I Stop My Affair
I'm reading some the replys and I can't believe what I'm reading. My husband has had a 8 month affair. I'm deeply hurt and relying on God's strength to restore my marriage. Those of you that are struggling with an affair must know that the Enemy wants nothing more then to see your marriage fail. Do not let him win. Affairs happen becuase both husband and wife are not filling a need in the marriage. That doesn't mean that it's ok to have an affair, but humble yourself and seek God.

Should Spankings Be Illegal
No Christian under any circumstances should ever hit their child. We are called to live in peace and to show others peace. Children learn peace by watching their parents. When children's bodies are violated, they learn to disrespect their own bodies and other's as well. Hopefully one day soon, a federal law will be passed banning the spanking of children in our country and this horrible practice will be left in our shameful past.

Who Is Kim Clement
I suggest you go to God and ask Him what He thinks of Kim Clement's prophecies. I can only speak for myself here...The first time I saw Kim Clement, I did NOT see Christ exalted nor did I see the Kingdom exalted. What I saw was a man prophesying what many Christians want to hear--mainly that God will stomp all over their enemies and bless their socks off. So, do I think he's a real prophet? No, not personally. I am interested in seeing God's kingdom built--not somebody else's.

Must I Stop The Adultery
Heather I don't understand your use of the words fornication and adultery. Could you explain the different in the context of the question?

Find Someone To Share Their Life
I agree with Paul James.. very good answer! And at least you are being honest about it!

Should We Confess Our Affair Sin
One would think that if the sin remains unconfessed, then you are only compounding them. In addition to adultery you are then adding deceit and dishonesty.

D.U.I. And Still Going To Heaven
Curt.. now is the time for you to move in, gently.. since you say "he wants to change". I think too many people think that its just soooooo easy to get into heaven. Narrow is the path..... (not broad is the field!) lol Easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven.(not for a DUI to avoid a needle)lol... pardon the puns. Good luck in your spiritual talks with him. There's a soul on the line!

No Bible Believing Single Women
Thats the problem, Alan.. so is HE.. looking for another "innocent" Christian woman to abuse! Mind you.. he tells me about all of the other woman he solicits... while he is trying to solicit me for sex.. one week before the divorce that "he" filed for is final! I pray that he gets the exact opposite of me the next time! (ungodly,not physically fit, unsexual,unattractive, dishonest, unfaithful, terrible mother, inactive) and more!.. and then he can see what he had!

My Wife Hits Me And Wants Others
Come on, Alan.. its not in a playful/sexual way.. that would be different!!!.. The woman is abusive!!! Dont make West more of a victim than he already is, just because he's male!...

Isn't God Greater Than Net Mate
Kimbe.. be very careful in assuming that all on this site are "Christian" people. My husband told me he was on here seeking a relationship. With a "foreign woman".

Having An Affair I Can't Stop
Who is married? You or him or both!? If you are married.... confess to your husband and seek his forgiveness and help!... I have an x-fiance who threatened the same thing. He is still alive today- but I wasted 2 more years of my life, because I was afraid to leave him!

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