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Terry Schivo Needed Tests
INDEED!! But her 'husband' would not allow it.
2 outside doctors, one a Nobel Prize winner in brain research who studied her brain x-rays, stated that he'd seen much worse cases that had rehab live productive lives.

Adam's Garden Of Eden Death
I read your answer Pastor Danny. I understand about Adam's sin. I want to know what ALBA means. I study, but i do not think I have ever seen that word. thank you.

Non-Experts Paraphrase Bible
Curt, The Living Bible, from what I understand, was done by a man on his commute home on a train every day for his children so they could better understand the more difficult passages. Paraphrases miss a LOT in my opinion. Frankly I don't think any 'experts' have done paraphrasing, it could be misleading if the wrong meanings are included. Just my opinion.

Husband's Wife Wants My Kids
Don't you have a lawyer? Does he know this information? This man is commiting not only adultry, but bigamy!
Get to your lawyer FAST! With these things in evidence, its preposterous for him to be in a position to take your children!

Another Sign Of The End Times
On this subject, not being a Catholic, but very familier with its traditions, some of the blogs are rediculous!
The Pope was a world leader, ASIDE from the church. He was an honest loving man who wanted what is best for the world. He was allowed to visit and talk to people no one else could. I was touched seeing him at the Wailing Wall putting in the slip of paper between the stones apologizing for how Christians had treated Jews over history.

Can Christians Get Sick
It appears to me that God has already healed Eloys's sister if she has been dry that long!

Can Benny Hinn Heal People
THAT is not for us to judge Michelle, we don't know his heart! How many do you suppose he has led to the Lord? How many have you?

Who Is Really To Blame For Katrina
The Pres. told the Gov. 3 days before Katrina hit to evacuate, the Gov. and local officials ignored the warnings.
That fact was in my newspaper, and on the online news. We need to pray and stop pointing fingers.

Why Do We Give Satan Credit
The best lie that Satan ever convinced man of was that he doesn't exist.

However, lets not give him more credit than is due, its our inner self most times. I do believe we are often "set up" by his tricks and lies to us.

Where Are All Our Allies
French Foreign Legion? Where is France when we need them in Iraq? I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for France to help!

No Sympathy For Katrina Victims
You have a hard heart, do you know Jesus? He is not smiling on you right now.
We are to love one another.

Humor Blog #6
It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world end to end,
someone would be stupid enough to try to pass them!

I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it!

Jewish Holy Days
I'm just a 2 year old Christian, and I've had a lot of questions.
I read in the NT that Jesus repeated all the commandments many times, except the one concerning the sabbath. Everyday is the Lord's day. Choose sat. or sun., it makes no difference to God. Jesus DID NOT tell His followers to observe Sat. to worship.

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