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Singles Are Left Out
I actually dont attend church anymore - no need to personally - but I hated how the singles departments at some churches seemed to be a dating / mingling place - trying to couple up people is not an effective way
To reach out to singles or respect them

Too Old To Marry At Age 30
I attend church on sat night - but never again will I get involved beyond attending sat nite - I'm 35
Supposed to be already married by now according to church - um big problem - need a guy to do that
Bottom line - churches neglect people - I'm not voluntarily single but do they care - um no

Believe Jesus Is Coming Soon
Jesus Coming is closer today than yesterday! Keep your eyes on Jesus and cares of this world will have less hold on you. There is no prophesy or prophesied events that must occur before the return Of Christ to remove His Bride from this fallen world, to be with Him forever. Oh JOY! Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

I Want Another Baby
Hey I feel your pain I also want another child but my husband doesnt want one we actually have a 6 month old but hes not ours he was from his first marriage and she left them both but since he has one he just doesnt understand but im willing to wait just keep talking and praying and see what happens

Theophostic Healing Ministry
What sounds "non-biblical" about it? I've done quite a bit of reading and attended a seminar, and haven't heard anything that raised a red flag yet. What I have heard is there are a lot of people who have said they were doing theophostic ministry, but were not doing it as the initiator (Ed Smith) recommends.

Is Harold Camping Correct
I believe Mr. Camping is correct. It will be those Christians waiting for the nation of Israel to be attacked by China, Russia, Syria..etc.....who shall be taken like a thief in the night. How many times do you have to hear this nonsense before you realize it isn't the actual Nation of Israel.

Is Harold Camping Correct
For the record, Harold Camping did not say the world was coming to an end in 1994. He said 1994 is a POSSIBLE date of the return of Jesus Christ, as well as 2011. What does the Question Mark on the Title of the page mean? The book is titled, "1994?". Seems pretty clear to me.

Backstreet Boys Photo Boycott
The cover shows four Backstreet Boys surrounded by women not wearing clothes. The women are surrounded by balls which hide their anatomy. Brian didn't like the concept AT ALL and refused to be in the picture. He is portrayed standing alone in another picture. Backstreet fans know about Brian's faith and the stand he takes when needed in the world of music. Brian is an inspiration and I love his new album. I also loved the last BSB album, personally I thought it their best.

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