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How To Interpret Visions
yeah, I ask my husband or daughter 'cause sometimes I don't understand them either. I wouldn't condemn myself if I didn't understand them though!

Freemasons A Cult
My personal experience with the freemasons was one of a nightmarish cult with satanic like rituals. Many children were abused physically, sexually and psychologically. The group has people from all levels of economic and social status, they appear to be tolerant of all cultures and spiritual belief systems. However, as one climbs the levels of masonry the rites, rituals and morals become more satanic in nature. All joy, happiness and fellowship are discouraged. Members are encouraged to remain chamelians in their communities to protect the secrets of the cult. I cannot state that all masons or masonic lodges/temples are the same. I do feel that any organization that is driven by secrecy and bizzare rituals cannot be of God's will.

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