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Are Catholics The Only Church
(3) Throughout the Bible you will find God instructing different individuals to write down His words.
Exodus 34:27-"And the Lord said unto Moses, WRITE thou these words.."
Jeremiah 30:2-"Thus speaketh the Lord God of Israel, saying, WRITE thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee IN A BOOK."
Daniel 11:4-"But thou, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book.."

Can I Be Remarried In Church
Emcee, I've been busy.

Can I Be Remarried In Church
"Evidently My Quotes were like red hot Coals to hot to handle."

Emcee, what are you talking about?

I Had A Dream Of Numbers
"Kay: "Carolyn, 4:44:44 may be..." You're just guessing what the numbers mean."

Steveng, really?!? But I was right about her looking for a job. So maybe God was telling her that in His perfect timing she will get the job that she is wanting. You shouldn't put God in a box, Steveng.

I Had A Dream Of Numbers
"Thank you Kay, for your wisdom."

Carolyn, you're welcome.

I Had A Dream Of Numbers
Caring, the Holy Spirit still speaks to us through dreams. We shouldn't put God in a box by telling Him that He cannot speak to us through dreams. He can use whatever method of communication He wants.

Follow Jesus Or Old Testament
"..all in all there are about 600 Civil Laws and 10 Moral Laws.."-jana

There are more than 10 moral laws. The 10 Commandments consisted of moral and ceremonial. Just as the book of the law consisted of moral and ceremonial. The entire OC was nailed to the cross, the 10 written in stone were included (2 Cor 3).

I Had A Dream Of Numbers
"I don't believe in dreams." --Caring

God does.

Hooked On ChristiaNet
NVBarbara, Jessica is doing well. Her doctor gave her a new inhaler and better medicine.

Hooked On ChristiaNet
Thank you, Emcee. We're doing fine. I love you!

Follow Jesus Or Old Testament
Yes, there are more than 70 New Covenant commandments. I believe there are about 180.
We are to follow the commandments that were given to the Church by Jesus. We aren't obligated to follow the commandments that were given to Israel by Moses.

I Had A Dream Of Numbers
Steveng, you aren't correct. God is involved in numbers. He is the God of numbers.

Carolyn, 4:44:44 may be symbolic for perfect timing. Have you been praying for a job? If so, maybe God is telling you that when the time is right He will bless you with a new job.

I Am Divorcing This April
"Seeing that Kay has successfully made this blog about herself, and a dumping ground for her posturing, I'll pass as well."

jhonny, I haven't made this blog about myself. I posted my personal experience and feelings, you made comments on them, and asked me questions regarding my view of divorce. Maybe next time I'll totally ignore all questions and comments directed towards me to avoid being accused of being a blog hog.

I Am Divorcing This April
"I believe the blog is about divorce Kay."

jhonny, you are the one who brought up killing.

"Do you still believe divorce isn't a sin? Appears that way."

I don't believe divorce in itself is a sin. I believe the motive behind divorce is the sin. Some divorces are from God. Mine definitely was. God was more concerned with keeping me alive than keeping my marriage together. He would never put a marriage above a persons life.

Statue Of Mary Cries Blood
"Kay::Wrong as proved by History & the declaration "The word was made Flesh & she concieved by the holy spirit"God the Fathers prophecy is never wrong sorry if you can't see it."

Emcee, how has history proven that Mary is the woman of Genesis 3:15? And how does that declaration prove it? The woman mentioned in Genesis 3:15 is Eve, not Mary.

"..whose side are you on?"

I'm definitely on God's side.

I Am Divorcing This April
"God said don't kill"

jhonny, do you believe its a sin to kill in self defense?

Your Christian Birthday
"Kay:Those weren't given by Jesus But by the Pope"What are we talking about?Or do you think I quote scripture just to impress you .No!!!"

Emcee, those tools that you mentioned are the Catholic sacraments,right? Those sacraments are invented by the Pope. They aren't from Jesus.

Can I Be Remarried In Church
"Marriage in the eyes Of God is a one time thing"-Emcee

There are times when marriage in the eyes of God is more than a one time thing. Maybe a two or three times thing.

How To Keep Sunday Holy
How do we keep Sunday holy? I was unaware that New Covenant believers were given a law to keep any day holy.

"..look into how sunday worship came to be."

Shawn, Sunday gatherings came to be shortly after Christ resurrected. It *is* biblical. New Covenant believers have the freedom to gather together whenever they want to. We don't have to set aside any particular day.

Your Christian Birthday
"Am I perfect? well kay dear I utilise all the tools Jesus left us to believe & attain the degree of perfection as is best to our human ability"

Those weren't given to you by Jesus. Those were given to you by the Pope.

We boldly say that we are saved because Jesus said that we are. We have full assurance of faith. We are saved when we trust Christ as our personal Savior. Eternal life is given to us at that very moment.

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