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Jezebel Book Causing Divorce
Paul9594 an apostle!

I feel that I would have to agree with you.

Many women now, just walk all over the head of their household,being submissive to their husbands ONLY when they want to or feel like it.
I'm sorry about your divorce.
Your discourses show you are a great man of wisdom and intelligence. I see quite a few avoiding your simple questions, on point! Which means to me they really can't argue with your presentation of the whole Scripture and lack understanding of the subject.

Keep the good work!

By the way what's your denomination?

Can A Christian Have A Demon
Paul9594 apostle,

Yes! I'm a new Christian, it's been about a year. But now, I belong to the smaller body of Jesus, who follow His lifestyle and not the larger body of todays church!

But you know,I always thought something was missing!

What you said, I'm beginning to understand better, it makes sense, that Jesus, would not only forgive our Sins but delivers us from sin, as you said lets receive full grace not just half,just forgiveness of sins!

Honestly, I've been watching your posting, I noticed that others don't break your presentation of The Word! But you break theirs with ease.

Well some of it still its a little complex for me!

Thanks for your answers so far!

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