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We Want A Donor Sperm
I don't see that view that this method of having children is wrong.
I'm am willing to be a donor, if you can prove to me that your will be fit and capable parents.

Husband Is Mean To My Kid
WOW! There's a lot of feelings and energy on this topic. Women typically get their feelings hurt when someone acts unlovingly toward them or their children. Men when someone acts disrespectful toward them.

It's very possible this is normal for a blended family. It's not uncommon for there to be some animosity between step-Dads and step-kids. Often, it's because the step-Dad feels he is being disrespected and the Mom appears to be supporting the disrespecting child over the Dad. The (Momma Bear) is protecting her children (cubs). But, what the Mom can do to help the situation is TRUST both that God has led her to the right man and that the man does know how much her children mean to her.

Should We Ask God For Signs
I think where I am confused here in all or your replies are what are we asking about? I know God is real and I know I have faith. What if I need help making a decision? Can I ask for a sign if I should or should not take a job, change a career, make a major life move? I think those are the things that most of us want help by the aid of a sign. My faith was pretty much solidified by God giving me a sign, not a subtle one but a slap in the face, almost creepy one I think in some ways if we can have our dialog with god and talk to him about our fears and ask for his help in major decisions and trusting him then it would only strengthen our relationship with him. That is what I think anyway.

Selling Goods Inside A Church
I believe that selling items inside a church sanctuary is an abomination. Also the practice of passing an offering plate more than once during a service because offerings were low and over-preaching tithing and saying everyone who does not give ten percent gross is cursed is offensive. Churches are beginning to be over obsessed with the all mighty dollar to the point that they might even take down the cross and erect a dollar sign in its place. Churches are beginning to resemble flea markets and banks. Some even have teller machines in them. Christians, wake up and sanctify your temples. Get rid of the flea markets in your churches and stop beating up your members and guests over tithes.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I see nothing wrong with spanking your disobedient children bare or otherwise if done fairly, consistently and in a spirit of love.

Who is James Robison?
Hey Craig, do you know (or anyone else) remember the name of the "Godly Man" that cast the demons out of James? Please reply to this blog. I think it was Lenny or Milton Green. Please reply if you know...and with any link to him. I am sure that he is dead but would like to find some literature by him. Thanks

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I firmly believe that a bare bottom spanking can be quite effective. It shouldn't be the only solution but it should be an option. There's nothing wrong with bare butt spanking so long as the person spanking is doing so for the right motivations, doesn't have a darker motive, etc. If it is your child, you've seen them already givng them baths, changing them, etc. and kids shouldn't be taught to be totally ashamed of their bodies. That said, I personally spank my kids bare butts with my hand only. It gets the point across.

Do You Go To Church Of Christ
Jesus Christ built the church (Matt 16:18). He is the head of the body - the church (Col 1:18). How many bodies are there (Eph 4:4)? IF Christ owns it and he is the head of it - you better be a member of it. The church of Chirst

Is The End Time Weather Worse
It's mixed. They are signs of the times. Things to look for. That can be more natural. Or it could be more Satan. Or it could be more people fooling with what they don't understand yet. Or several of the above. We were told when we saw these things to get ready. As in get our own lives ready. Because we know that the hour of our redemption is getting nearer. We weren't told what the causes would be.

How Do You Pray
I pray all day long. I have a continual conversation with God. I pray for everything. I pray for myself. I pray for all of the above. And I pray that nevertheless, God's will be done, not mine, but if possible and within his will, to answer.

Not Fit For The Kingdom Of God
The seventy times seven was an order given to us in how to treat to our brother. It is basically saying have mercy as we require mercy but was also a deeper emphasis on the length time/chances God gave Isreal (see Daniel 8-12) What Jesus meant was that if you start on the road to righteousness and look back you really aren't wholly focused on salvation which is key to being saved

I Want A Woman President
With due respect ladies, gender is not the issue. Clinton is amoral and will do her utmost to lead the country in a decidely unseemly direction. Trish, why are you here? I submit one canNOT be a Christian AND support a reprobate like Clinton...

Simply Believe God
Questions/reason are fine.To think the complex human body and the rest of CREATION evolved is unreasonable. Proof and faith are opposites. We are saved by grace through faith. Read Hebrews chapter eleven.It is impossible to please God without faith. The Bible says that creation itself is proof. The Bible says some things will remain a mystery until the return of Jesus. Ask for wisdom and have faith that you will receive it. God says if you seek Me, you will find Me, if you seek Me with all of your heart.

Bible Codes And The Chip
The mark upon the forehead or hand is symbolic, not literal. The point being head (our thoughts) and hand (our enterprise). Besides, the time texts used throughout Revelation (not Revelations) like near, at hand, soon, quickly etc. preclude anything other than an historic interpretation of the apocalypse. John was describing contemporary realities in his time not things hundreds or thousands of years in his future.

Your Accountablility Partner
When you're not putting us on, Marcia, your beliefs are holiness cultish. Your words reveal much.

Horrors Of The Rapture
I would encourage you to explore Post Millenial Theology versus the confusing and frankly extra-biblical dispensational pre-millenial eschatology that you are espousing in your blog. The truth really shall set you free.

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