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What Should I Do
Well basically you are stuck. God hates divorce (see Malachi 2:16 and Mark 10:11-12). I know that Matthew 19:9 seems to make allowances for adultery on the part of the spouse, so do you want to go by a direct quote from God (as in Malachi) or hope Matthew is right?

You have to remember that the basic tenet of Christianity is forgiveness. Because we believe, God is forgiving us for all kinds of horrible sins.

If God can do this, the least you can do is forgive your husband for his.

Arguments For Evolution
Trey, you have your own answer

"...and God said LET THE EARTH BRING FORTH..."

That tells me that God put into place the laws that allowed the Earth (i.e. nature) take over from there.

The entire fundamentalist argument that evolutionists are nothing more than a bunch of Godless atheists is inane. There are millions of Christians who believe in evolution.

Predestined To Salvation
Being that God knows everything we are going to do and say before we are put on this planet, of course we are predestined.

Before you are born, God knows if he will see you in Heaven or of to Hell. That is the essence of predestination.

Wrong To Not Have Children
Many of you disagree , that birth control is sin when God clearly tells all of creation to be fruitful and multiply. My wife and I have 8 and counting beautiful children. We are raising them to be great servants of God. God supplies all of our needs. Many say that they love God but they justify not obeying his word. Justification didn't work for Adam nor Eve when they sinned agaisnt their God. Repent! If you are using birth control. Trust God that he will not put more on you than you can bare. Warning comes before a fall. You have been warned.

Wrong To Not Have Children
Where would we be if God was like man with one or two children? What did Jesus do to the fig tree that didn't produce figs? Would you be disappointed if you planted an apple tree and only two apples form? Shouldn't God be disappointed when his people chooses not to give him children for him to love and use to draw more people to Christ?

Wrong To Not Have Children
God in his Holy Word the Bible has given the instructions to All of creation to be fruitful and multiply. Every life form has obeyed this commandment with the exception of man who was given dominion in the earth. When worms, maggots and roaches do what they were created to do and man does not, man becomes lesser than these animals. This is why Hell exists. Birth Control is Sin !

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