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Why Are You A Christian
My heart was opened with our message at church in 2 Corinthians, and how we can come back from life's hurts, struggles and failures. I am a wounded healer with my realtionship with God and my goal as a christian is to reconnect in a covenant relationship with God in doing so I was moved by this passage Romans 12:9-18.

Why Are You A Christian
Thank you Joseph for your words. She is my mother and she will always have my respect and love. I will just have to turn the other cheek when face with judgemental states. I pray for strength every day to be more Christ like.

Why Are You A Christian
My husband is Catholic and I was raised Pentacostal(UPC) but left the church in 1999 and joined a Presbyterian church. My mom has been saying that there are a lot of "Catholics" leaving the church and becoming "Christian". It bothers me to think that she says and thinks that. How can I reinforce to her that we might not have the same convinctions or the same spirital relationship with God as her, but we are still "Christians"? Her response to me is always "God didn't recreate Religion man did". My response is, "then how do we know which one is right"? How can I bridge this gap so that we will have common respect between each other's relationship with God?

How To Love Step Children
I can really understand what you are going through. My husband has two children one who is 5 and the other who is 1. It is very hard for me to bond with the 5 year old boy. I don't know how to love him. I don't feel love for him. I know he is a child and I feel terrible about it. I really need some advice as well. I treat him like I would any other guest. It is really difficult.

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