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Belief In Christ Replaced Law
Well here I think is the bottom line on this subject for when Jesus speaks so does God and in Matthew 5 but this is all what we must do not to forget also that in verses 17-20 should sum it all into focus since if you believe in any of the Bible you must live by and believe and do it all or as it says out of my loving saviors lips thru God my father,by NO MEANS WILL YOU ENTER MY FATHERS KINGDOM,HEAVEN !You must then adhere to it all, none out of context, or, rebuke it all ? Yes by his grace and love for us his death burial and resurrection we are saved but rightousness with lawlessness is an abomination! God Bless you and let not the head lead the word but the heart and Holly Spirit which he send us if we are saved to interpret for us !

Sign A Prenup For Marriage
Here is the reality. The civil government is after you, your marriage, your children and one spouse's earnings - to gain federal matching funds that cover state welfare obligations. You don't have any idea the assault you will endure until you are forced through it. Marital partners, and husbands or husbands-to-be in particular, would be irresponsible not to have a signed "proclamation of intent" specifically taking marital problems to a designated non-civil court mediation resource. Lives are totally destroyed by civil authorities utilizing "discretion" [granted by legislators] in an unfair and abusive manner. Sign or be damaged -- or destroyed. This is the reality, until we can change the mess that in the civil courts.

What's Up October Blog
Does anyone know how to bring bold/underlined words into the posts? I tried copying and pasting it from the Microsoft word/Notepad into the blog, but it doesn't do anything.

Are There Prophets Today
Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Christians Date While Married
Honestly, as the text says, it is definitely a sin to be sexually involved with another married individual. There truly is nothing that can justify this type of behavior. God knows our hearts, and he knows what our actions are before we actually carry them out. This is why we must stay prayed up, because God understands that we are "filthy rags" during our stay here on this earth. I truly believe that its possible to spiritually connect with an individual while going through a divorce, however, God doesn't intend for us to take such a relationship and turn it in to what we feel is an act of God by saying God has put someone into our lives for any other reason other than his intended will.

I Am A Quaker And Catholic
I have found that Quaker spirituality and Catholic spirituality have the same depth of connection. The real presence in the Eucharist and the real Presence in the midst of the gathered church are the same thing. There is a great blend between the seven sacraments of the catholic church and the sacramental life of Friends. The religious society of Friends has much in common with the religious orders of the catholic church. Salvation consists of a personal relationship with Jesus which is at the center of the Catholic church and Quaker meeting. Unfortunately, the real presence is moved to a rememberance ceremony in the protesting areas of the church.

Not Good For A Man To Be Alone
This scripture does not apply simply to husband/wife relationships. God created us for community and relationships, which includes all kinds of relationships. Both Paul and Jesus in the NT are extremely clear that singleness is a gift and a calling for some people, but that does not mean that single people are therefore doomed to being "alone." Your focus should not be so much on finding a mate or learning to be alone, but finding intimate, meaningful, healthy community.

Affair With My Wife's Sister
It's been many months since I posted this blog. One thing I've learned through this experience is that God is merciful and many Christians are not. When the adulteror was brought to Christ, He did not condem her but forgave and said He that is without sin, cast the first stone. Sin is sin.

When Did Dinosaurs Die Out
I'm sorry after reading all that, I don't remember who wrote what but I'm going to try and add some new thoughts. My opinion is there are still dinosaurs, no proof just opinion to answer the question. My belief is the the world in around 6000 years old and dinosaurs were created by God on day six. Why is this important? Doesn't the Bible say there was no death before sin and since Adam and Eve commited the original sin, having dinosaurs live and die before that would go against the Bible

Magdelene's Seven Demons
the seven demons are in reference to basic
human nature pride,lust,envy,gluttony,
vanity,and two more i cant think of at the time,the important part is what Jesus said," Deny yourself take up your cross and follow me"so basically give up your primal nature.

Husband Doesn't Want Kids
MIC actually i am just hoping Catherine
will consider the impact on the children,
before she brings them here,
She vowed to trust honor respect her Husband
in all areas of life.

Why Start Believing Now
Dear sir/ma'am
when in doubt pray"Glorious Father of the
creation of Light reveal your self to me
for i am lost in a dark world.
then i suggest you put on your seatbelt,
forget everything you ever thought you knew
for in His time He will reveal Himself
to you.

See Demons Everywhere
I have had a mixed up bringing. All my family are Christians and i was until earlier this year. I left my wife and children and the church. I hear demons every day. They bring a cloud of blackness over you life and sometimes all you can do is sit in fear. I have lost everything and God seems a million billion miles away. Some times i feel peaceful but most of the time I feel like my head has caved inside out. If you find an answer let me know.

Alcohol Rehab Treatments
I just happened to stumble on to this blog and read some entries (not all), and I too have an alcoholic in my life, my wife of 20 years. The first 10 to 15 years of our marriage were before we came to Christ, but my wife had already developed into a full blown alcoholic, she's in AA, been to inpatient treatment, on medication, she's doing the best she can with this disease. I on the other hand, have recently started going to Al-Anon and discovered how much this disease has affected me. We pray everyday, our church family prays for us, we are members of a good church, we're dealing with this disease 'one day at a time.' And Praise God He will deliver us from alcoholism.

Is Killing In A War Wrong
Many would say that David fought so it must be OK. However as Christians, David is not our example lest we should commit adultery. Jesus is our example and he states that His Kingdom is not of this world or if it was then would His servants fight. Also, many other examples of not retaliating when He could have destroyed the world, and you cannot love your enemies and hold a gun to their head. Just some basic truths from God's word. Kevin

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