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Can Jews And Baptist Marry
Umm.....aren't the Jew's God's chosen people? Where in the bible does it state that the Jew's are no longer God's chosen people? (it doesn't)

Aren't Christian's the children of God through the death of his son, Jesus? Didn't Jesus come to earth to fullill the laws, not abolish them? (the Jewish laws)

How is it that a Jew and a Christian should not unite or that they would be unequally yoked? They are both the beloved children of God.

Now, before everyone on here tries to tie me up and feed me to the lions, please keep in mind this is my interpretation & opinion. (which I am allowed to have and give)

Why Do Women Want To Work
I was unable to find in the Bible where God or Jesus has ever stated that they want women to be homemakers, exluding all other types of work. If anyone finds where it specifically states that all women should be homemakers, to the exclusion of any other type of profession, please let me know!

I do know that the Bibles states that what ever you choose to do, do it with all of your heart. I also know that God has given each of us (men & women) our very own talents that should be used to exhault, honor and praise God. Who is to say that every woman on earth should have to do this in the exact same manner?

Maybe that is why there are women that would prefer to work outside of the home.

How To Stop Long Affair

I would like to suggest that you walk through the doors of your church and seek out the Family/Marriage pastor as soon as you can.

You talk about wanting to talk, which may very well be how you arrived in your situation in the first place.

Inappropriate confiding.

Please make sure that the people you now confide in are not willing to harm you or put you in a position for harm.

The person you had the affair with was not your friend or someone that was looking out for you, he was using you. Don't let it happen again.

I Hate My Wife
There is some very UN-CHRISTIAN advise and language beeing used here. Has anyone actually picked up a Bible and started reading? What is with the hate and disdane, not only in the questions, but in the reply comments?

There is always a way out,and it is through the doors of your church and in your Family/Marriage counseling pastors. Please take your wife and request a few sessions, it sounds like it is bad. Pray, pray and when you think you can't pray any more....PRAY some more. I can not say for certain if this works...I am having to follow my own advise at this time in my marriage, but honestly, it doesnt cost anything and it doesnt physically hurt. Good luck. You, your wife and your children will be in my prayers. God bless!

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