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What Is A First Fruit?
"Celebrate the Feast of Harvest with the firstfruits of the crops you sow in your field....."

"Bring the best of the firstfruits of your soil to the house of the Lord your God....."
-Exodus 23:16 & 19

My Husband Will Not Work
My husband will not work. I have asked him over and over again to work, look for a job, apply for unemployment, apply for disability, start your own business, go cut somebody's lawn, do anything as long as it legal and moral. But he has not and will not. I don't know what else to do. I think the Christian blogger Chris might be right when she shared what her mother did - lock up all the food and only let the children eat. I think I have no choice, but to try a modern day version of that suggestion. Any help others can offer, please. Any men out there, I would like to hear your advice, too. Thanks, Larry Original - I heard you too loud and clear.

Is It Normal To Hate Husband
a time to love and a time to hate, Ecclesiastes 3:8 NIV It's a time and season for everything under the Heaven, to go through in this world. Be Bless!!!

Origins Of The Bible
1)- The word Bible comes from Byblos,Pyplus/PyprusPapyrus. Holy comes from Helios. Helios is the greek corruption of Ra. Holy bible = Helios Papyrus. Or, Papers/Papyrus/Book of Ra.
2)- The Torah is a corruption of tua Ra. This is the title of many compositions of ancient Kemet/Egypt. For example, tua means worship, adoration. Tua Ra means the Worship/Adoration of Ra. Hence, Torah.
3)- The entire story of jesus (and all other religions) is a deliberate perversion of the cosmology story of Ausar, Auset and Heru (Osiris, Isis, and Horus) Osiris is the Greek translation of the Kemetian name Asar (or Usar) or Ausar, Auset (Isis) son/sun child king named Heru (Horus)

Origins Of The Bible
4)- The word Christ is from Krishna (Christna) from karast or krist, Egyptian for the annointed mummy, the great black avatar (savior) in India 3000 years before Jesus.
5)- The story of the resurrected God-King can be found among the Khoi and San peoples of southern Africa as early as 5,000BC. It is only in Africa that the story is this old. Often called, the mouthpiece of Africa, Egypts location gave it contact with the Near East. Not surprisingly, years later the story of the God-King and his divine son appear in many other cultures.

Can Only Clergy Minister
Both Clergy & Christians minister to Christians. Job 4:3-4

Is The Bible Perfect
1- Is the Bible perfect? As we have it today no. There has been too many changes (additions to, subtraction from and total retranslations) to the original that we can not say that it is perfect. To date, there are at least 100 different translations of the bible. Which one is the Holy version? There is no such thing as a "Holy Version". It is either holy (pure untampered with) or it is not. It can not be both. A version is someones version of the truth. King James had the original version translated from Greek and Hebrew and made changes in places that suited him.

I Am Doubting God Exists
Warwick -> 1) I agree with what you say and most certainly with John 14:6. However, Jesus never said Christianity is the way. He said I am the way. Christianity today has been corrupted and is far from what Jesus and his disciples taught over 2000 years ago. Things has been added to and taken out of the bible to make our way to God hidden from us. This is why we as Christians are so divided today. God is not the author of division. Yet today we are very much divided. So based upon our very division as Christians I can make that statement and be correct in it.

I Am Doubting God Exists
warwick - I think my response was slightly mis-understood. I see part 2 of my response was not posted. I agree there is only one God and Jesus is the way as with all the prophets before him that pointed to Jesus are also correct. What I challenged was christianity as we know it today says that christianity is the "only" true religion and Jesus never said that. It's a shame that part 2 was not posted. I didn't think I said anything that should've been censored.

I Am Doubting God Exists
1) Kayhla - You have a valid question however, I don't think it's whether God exists or not. We know he exists by looking at his very creation. We can not create anything from nothing by saying "BE" and it comes into existence. The most we can do is take things that are already here and make something else. That in itself shows something with a higher power exist. Only Christians say that christianity is the only "true" religion. If you look in the bible nowhere does it say that.

Obama Is Bankrupting America
When a country is at the whims and mercy of the Federal Reseve (which is not even constitutional), which is a private corporation and charges outrages interest (usury) and they threaten to call in their debt which would shut this country down, then we are bankrupt. There is nothing backing our dollars. This is why we have inflation, deflation and depression. This type of control could not happen with the proper currency.

Obama Is Bankrupting America
Yes we are bankrupt and has been since the depression.. In order to get out of the depression we had to agree to bankruptcy. We are and have been owned by the international bankers since they were allowed to get their foot in the door. It doesn't matter which country is holding our dept. It all belongs to the international bankers. What has been done was methodical and diabolical and done in steps.. First the 1930 treaty then legislations followed.. The same people Jesus dealt with 2 thousand years ago are the same ones in control today (the money changers). Jesus was killed for it - same as Lincoln and Kennedy.

Obama Is Bankrupting America
In all actually, America has been bankrupt since March 1933. It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent.
This country has not fallen yet everything is not in place by the powers that be. Just google brankrupt America.. This is when we were taken off the gold standard.

We can't blame this on President Obama. He is not in control either. He is a puppet and a mouthpiece just like the rest of them were.

What Is The GREAT Deception
Satan is the master of deception and in order to deceive a people, he would have to make falsehood fairseeming. He would not come to a person and say who he is and his purpose. That would be too easy. He would have to make the world think he was GOD himself. The Bible is an amazing piece of work. How much effort would it take to mis-translate one word or use the wrong preposition or conjunction to change the whole intent of what is being said? After all, how many versions do we have to date - about 100? Isn't this how Adam and Eve were decieved? We have to do more than just profess Jesus. Satan can do that and quite well.

Causeth All To Be Marked
I also believe phrases like "like unto" and "like as" were used to compare something to something else. It is also alegorical in that it is a story that is not true used to describe something that is true (ie the dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns).

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