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Why Are Pastors Having Affairs
I'm sick and tired of people telling me pastors are human after they do this sort of thing. I didn't think my own pastor was made out of pure gold. I just expected him to be sincere.

Fall In Love With Another
Thou shalt not tempt the Lord our God.

Why Can't A Man Find A Wife
Steve, if as a man in his forties looking like a man in his twenties it's O.K. for you to marry a woman in her twenties, is it O.K. for me then (a woman in her 60s told she looks like a woman in her 40s) to marry a man in his forties? Actually (before anyone asks) I'm blissfully happily married but thought I'd see what your response would be.

Family Member Is An Alcoholic
Thanks Annie, I will get in touch with them again and will probably go. I'll get back to you on this at a later date. Thanks for your encouragement.

Prenup Has Me Mad
Ralph, I don't think you really read the question properly. Many people are happy with prenuptual agreements but this one contained a blatant lie. In addition he also kept quiet about it before presenting it for a signature which meant that Kristin had no time to even think about these things. My guess is that he hoped she wouldn't read it and that she would just sign - like many people do unfortunately. My opinion is, forget him.

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