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Is Drinking Wine A Sin
That's right John and Catherine, Jesus did not sin.

That's why he healed on the Sabbath and turned the water into wine. Healing on the Sabbath doesn't hurt your feelings, but turning the water into wine does. But you've missed the boat. I've said it twice, this miracle has a much deeper meaning than the thought of Jesus drinking a sip of wine.

What Is The Curse Of Ham
That's one horrid false doctrine.
We're all made of the same dirt.
God likes variety and God likes colour.

Should We Consider UFOs
Not to be confused with Norman Bates, from the Bates Motel, Cynthia. He really was an alien.

Prayer In Public Schools
Ktiso, it's pleasant to see some fresh bloggers around here. Day old KrispieCremes are not that tasty either. You have to get them while they're warm from the drive-thru.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
Jesus' miracle of turning the water into wine has nothing to do with, 'is drinking wine a sin'? You cannot mix the two, Jesus is not a mixed drink.
You have completely missed the boat.
It was wine, it was not grape juice.
Jesus was not a drunk, but Jesus drank wine. And for a very good reason, it killed the bacteria in the water. Can you imagine what would grow in a cistern and how many people probably died from water borne diseases?

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
Go, Ktiso, Go. Jesus's miracle of turning the water into wine is far more than the physical. As the Old Testament supports the New Testament in every way; the water into wine is a powerful revelation of Jesus Christ putting away the Old Testament law and giving us the New Covenant. There's so much more here, the Wedding. That's why this miracle is important. All the bickering over grape juice vs. wine, they've totally missed the boat.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
The water, normally used for ceremonial cleansing, turned to wine and so that which had formerly only temporarily cleansed a person from sin now became symbolic of the Blood of Jesus that washes us clean forever (Luke 22:20).

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
The master of the banquet remarked that the bridegroom had saved the best till last signifying that the New Covenant that permanently cleanses us (represented by the wine), is far superior to the Old Covenant that only temporarily set aside our sins (represented by the water). By this miracle Jesus truly did reveal His Glory and you can see why the disciples put their faith in Him.

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