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Why Is Satan Called Lucifer
Satan is his name as the Devil... He used to be an angel and as an angel his name was Lucifer while he was in Heaven.

Do You Go To Church Of Christ
I am a member of the Church of Christ. Have been all my life. First, please do not be accusatory of the Church of Christ as if we condemn all other sects to hell. For Church of Christ folk, please don't start out with doctrine. The basics of the Church of Christ? We believe Christ died for our sins. We believe He will return. We believe that following the Word of God as He commands is our salvation. This applies in our lives, our congregations, our worship to Him. We speak where the Bible speaks, we are silent where the Bible is silent. If you follow can never go wrong. What separates us from other sects is that nothing interferes with the Word of God. Therefore, "room for interpretation" doesn't apply.

Does God Forget Our Sins
The Bible never says that God forgets our sin, it says that He remembers them no more. There is a HUGE difference between the two.

The key is to understand Biblical remembrance. Biblical remembrance implied action, not mere cognitive recollection. It's like if you don't do anything for your wife's birthday, and a week later she asks you if you forgot. You reply, "No, I remembered. It crossed my mind." That's rediculous. We remember birthdays in a biblical manner... we celebrate them. We let them affect our life.

God doesn't forget our sin. He simply doesn't remember them actively. He doesn't act upon our sin. God can't forget. Christ paid for our sin, and in Him, God acts upon our sin no more.

I Want To Believe In God
I truly want to believe. I just cant. I am reading the bible now and find myself aching for a sign, but i feel it is wrong to ask for one. Please,.. if anyone has advise, not scripture, advise, I would very much love to hear from them.

Christians Casting Out Demons
I dont understand this whole arguement on calvinistic belief. How can you say God sends people to hell? joshua says in the old testament to "choose you this day whom you will serve" now hopefully you can see that if you never had a choice then making a choice to serve one god or another was pointless and therefore that verse is uneeded in the Bible which cant happen. yes i bleieve that God knows all but the risk of free will is one that God made when he made man.

Was Judas Forgiven
First of all we cant fall from grace. once ur saved, gods not going to change his mind and take it away. im mentally ill and fail so many times to the point my life doesnt seem christian.

Was Judas Forgiven
But i believe all u have to do to be saved is believe christ and beleive who he says he is(that almost always changes lifes) and know that the cross is the way to salvation.

Was Judas Forgiven
becuz the crimanal at the cross next to jesus made it to heaven and had no time to repent of any sins. all he did was identfied him as the messash by fiath. so its faith we are saved.

Was Judas Forgiven
i dont like hearing lost and confused christians say things like u can fall from grace, or repenting from sins is requred for salvation(this is works). but repentece is required for salvation but its called "biblcal repentence" and once u accept jesus as ur lord and savior. u repented and are saved forever more.

Was Judas Forgiven
now about judas. there was no salvation then becuase christ hasnt died yet. so he did go to hell when he hanged himself. but weither jesus went back and hell and saved him. but it would be common sense he would accept the gospel if u are in hell. u would have to be a complete idiot. but i beleive judas is in heaven. we just got to wait and see

Can I Marry A Non-Believer
Corinthians 1:7:12

Look it up. ,)

2008 Presidential Election
Morminism is mans attempt to reach God, (Man does not set the standards) but CHRISTianity (in its true form) is God's way to reconsile a relationship with man.

Catholic Bible History
People were murdered by the Catholic Church, because they did not believe everything in the Catholic Bible, and tried to disprove it. Many were burned at the stake. This happened mainly between the sixteenth and seventeenth Century. There are many lies in the Catholic bible, that don't agree with scripture. You will find power in the King James Bible.

Is The Thought Of Evil Sin
Jesus did say that, but it's not the same for good thoughts. That's not God's reasoning, that's human's reasoning. Paul states clearly that Christians have to act the part as well in order to please God, for nothing pleases him more than having people love Him and do His works.

We should lead by example! How can others see our thoughts and come to God then if we don't act out our goodness? But always be mindful of and repent for evil thoughts. It's not easy, but it's for His glory.

Thoughts On Reincarnation Demons
Right on Darlene. If it were real, I'd still pray to God that I wouldn't have to come back here. There's nothing in the mortal realm that has any appeal to me. Heaven is my desire and that's what I strive for, for God's glory.

Muslim For USA President
Donna, from what I've heard about the Koran, it teaches a way of peace but through unrightouss means. If we did have a Muslim elected into office, I'd have to seriously rethink my loyalty to the country. If I'm wrong about the Koran, I appologize.

God's View Of Valentine Day
I don't think God has a single view about V-day. It's what you do with that day that counts to Him. If you use it to glorify Him like Christians should then He will be pleased. (But then everyday should be lived that way regardless) Being a Christian is to have a personal relationship with God, it's not about the masses, it's about you and Him.

How Do I Cope With Life
I totally agree with Madison and Susie

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