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666 On Anything You Own
Seems like a lot of people are worshipping the number 666 more than they do Jesus. I would have to say that is a problem. Revelation starts out with a picture of the heavenly worship of the Lamb slain standing in the midst of the throne. Thirteen is the Bible number for rebellion, so what does that tell you about that number? Man fallen short of the glory in all three realms (spiritual, mental, and physical) because of the rebellion of Adam is a pretty good start.

Why Should I become A Christian
Why shouldn't you? You might just be the one who believes and steps right into what God has wanted to do through His people all along...reveal His Son in His fullness to lost, hurting, broken humanity.

666 On Anything You Own
I guess if you were born on 06/06/2006 (or 06/06/1006), you would have to get rid of yourself. That is why Revelation 13 says, "Let he who hath understanding count the number of the beast." No understanding, no counting please.

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