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Is My Friend Really Married
Nowhere in the bible does it say that you need a pastor or a judge to be married in the eyes of God. Mark 10:7 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife... No pastor, no judge, not even a ceremony is required. Making excuses that these are required is just being defensive of tradition, not the bible. Its pure opinion adding something in the bible thats not there.
The real questions are: if they have physical intimacy, do they sin? Do they sin if they dont get married legally?
Sex in the boundary of marriage is not immorality. They do not sin. The sin is: they are rebelling against higher authority (Romans 13:1). If the state instituted marriage by law, then they should abide by that.

Can You Disobey God
Catherine, we all know by now that if your response contains Scripture, it is not your gifting but a lifting from Bible commentaries or the world wide web. Most anybody who has any computer skills at all can copy and paste or simply plagarize someone else's comments as his/her own.

Who Are Word Of Faith Teachers
Eloy, it isn't worth my time to fully develop the difference between what you perceive (or have seen) is the word of faith and what I know it is. There is a difference and I will leave it at that. Many people forget that the Word of faith is what comes out of the abundance of the believing heart and is unto salvation spirit, soul, and body.

Who Are Word Of Faith Teachers
I can blab, "This computer is a person, this computer is a person, I confess this computer is a person, I believe this computer is a person, I see this computer is a person, etc. And you know what, The computer will remain a computer, no matter hiow much faith I excercise to the contrary. ---Eloy on 11/23/10

Eloy, I honestly thought you were more mature than this. The Word of faith has to do with the Word of God. Surely you have never heard any of these ministers try to make a computer a person, nor will you find such based in the truth of the Word. I overestimated you as a man who understood that confession of the Word is agreement with God. My mistake.

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