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Avoiding Abominations
1 John 2:3-6 does not imply obeying all of God's commandments written (it's impossible for man) but the commandment of "repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ." (Acts 20:21). says keep His commandments, meaning the one's Jesus commanded to his disciples in Matthew 5-7 and throughout the gospels..which is really his father's 10 commandments and the "torah" made full.

Think not that I have come to destroy the law and prophets..I have come not to destroy (do away with), but to fulfill (make more fuller)..Matt 5:17

One of the prophecies describing the Messiah, foretold that under Him, the torah would be made known and followed...Micah 4:1-4

Worship In Spirit And Truth
To worship in Spirit and in Truth means just what it means to worship God with all of one's inner self...that invisible man within each of us, that empowers our will, emotions, desires,intellect, knowledge, affections etc....

God wants us to see Him..I mean really see Him and know Him..and because we have seen Him and we have known..He wants us to bow down to Him with the very essence,core and power of our being...His Word is truth, His Son is truth,..and in these we see God for who He really is..thus allowing us to worship Him in spirit and truth.

Sure Of Your Salvation
If a person is truly saved they should have biblical evidence of that salvation.

There should be repentance
There should be saving that includes works
There should be evidence of the Holy Spirit within a person's life
There lives should line up with scripture
There should be a witness from the Holy Spirit that tells that person they are indeed a child of God

But most importantly friends..We have to be sure of the integrity of our Savior Jesus/Yahushua!

He promised that if we truly believe in him..that we will not perish but have everlasting life...He prosmised that if we come to him, he will in no wise cast us out...

If we really repent and trust..there will be real evidence that we are saved.

Christians To Follow All Laws
No all laws are not applicable..because all the laws had their true fulfillment in Christ...but all laws are beneficial...

The laws found in the bible is not the source of our salvation or justification.

The laws serve as snapshots of our God's nature and character...the laws shows us what He considers righteous and just and what He does not like and considers evil.

There is wisdom and insight in all of God's word, and that includes all 613 commandments of the o.t. as well...

For to do away with the law altogether is to do away with the Knowledge of the Lord.

The Holy Spirit of God works in us according to the degree of the Word/Law.

Did Jesus Save Us From Law
It amazes me how something so simple and true can become so defiled with complication and lies.

We are christians..and yet for many of us we speak as if we don't know what that means..and we speak as if we are "mere carnal men"...not redeemed with the precious life blood of our God.

We claim that we have the very Holy Spirit of God living on the inside of us, yet, when someone mentions the word "law"..we cringe..we revolt..we have problems...without really applying ourselves to understand.

Now I noticed that there seems to be a miscommunication about "the law" and it's place.

Yet if we all just read our bibles with a heart for YHWH we will find that there should not be any confusion.

Did Jesus Save Us From Law
This is what Christ was against. The scribes and pharisees...sat in Moses's seat and ordered the people to keep additional laws after their traditions...that burdened the people..that killed their spirits and sapped their strength..thus making them loathe the thought of God and His law.

Did Jesus Save Us From Law
But Christ came to show them and all who come after Him the way again..the beauty and joy of God's law and observing it....

And then with a heart full of love..our God did something for us in Christ that was just so full of Grace..

He gave us Himself...He crucified our old, weak, sinful proned nature..with Jesus on that cross and in grace, through faith, He gave us "His" everliving, strong, righteous that His law will never be viewed as dead stones again..but instead be naturally written on our hearts...and therefore enable us to become living, breathing, walking, "oracle's of God".

Did Jesus Save Us From Law
So really if we really understand just some of what God did for us "in Christ" we will see that the only thing we should be preaching about and speaking the thought of earning Justification and salvation...because none of us qualify period.

Did Jesus Save Us From Law
We can't earn salvation or justification by trying to keep the law of God ourselves..because we lack the strength period.

In Adam we all became "dead in SIN" period..and dead men and women can't do nothing, nevertheless earn anything...thus proving Paul's point.."all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God".....

We needed life friends, we needed His life..and under the old covenant as well as under the new...all who seen their inability in themselves, but looked to YHWH instead..for their strength and's these people who enjoy the beauty of God's law and the awesomeness of His salvation..

There is no law versus grace..but there is a holy trinity of "Law, Grace, and Truth"

Did Jesus Save Us From Law
The decree given by the apostles in Acts 15 was the same decree Christ was nothing new.

Circumcision was a pledge to keep the whole of the old covenant to stand justified in God's sight.

But the apostles knew that Christ did a new thing..he ushered in a new covenant and under this covenant..trying to earn or do anything to recieve justification and salvation through your own strength was not needed nor necessary.

Quadriplegic Wants To Die
The real question is not if he's allowed to die, but can he live.

No matter the situation Jesus said that He came that we might have LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.

This person needs to know that life worth living is life found in the person and power of Christ!

Since he has nothing to lose, he is a perfect candidate to gain everything God has to offer...point him to Christ, the healer first of His spirit and soul...then all else will follow.

How To Witness To A Muslim
It is a true Christian's duty to always speak God's truth no matter who they're talking too. But the best way to witness to anyone is to first witness to yourself.

Always seek to show Christ power to your own self. Always stay on your face before Christ, knowing that if you think you stand beware lest you fall. Always seek to be consumned by His presence and then you will find that without saying much of anything to will witness unto them!

Must Wives Obey Their Husband
Wives must obey God and only does not get any simpler than that!

The bible verses that all married couples are familiar with...especially women... has been taken completely out of context and has been mis-used by carnal men for reasons outside of the will of God...thus throwing God's people into confusion, strife, and bitterness. Putting more burdens upon God's blessed women....

Woman called and anointed by God for a wonderful purpose...but instead because of the plan of Satan to twist God's word..hold these woman in bondage to never fulfill with joy their real destiny.

What Is Sin
Sin is transgression against God's law. God's Word is law. Whatever is not of faith is Sin. Faith is a divine empowerment and enabler to keep and observe God's Word/law.

What Is Faith In God
Faith in God means you have been granted the privilege and honor of SEEING Him. When a person see's God for who He, which is trust acted out, follows naturally.

Seen Any Evil Spirits Lately
What type of help are you looking for?

There is no need to put crosses and olive oil on your walls if you have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as YOUR master, and savior. Once He becomes your Lord and you have submitted unto Him...once you KNOW the will excercise authority over every evil spirit and demonic situation..and it will flee from you...not be drawn too you.

Tithing Not Biblical Sermon
Tithing is biblical because it is a documented practice and principal noted in the Bible.

However, under the new covenant regarding the "church" is not something that has to be practiced as a commandment under the old covenant...but it is practiced in principal to the 100th degree. Under the new covenant we are told to love one another..the Christ loved us. He gave himself for us and so as His follower's we are to give of ourselves to one another as God leads and we see need.

Sure Of Your Salvation
One can be sure of their salvation only one way...biblically!

You must first and foremost, believe in the Son of God, trusting in Him and only Him to do what He has said He would do..He promised to save us and give us eternal life....So we by faith believe its done.

And then second their must come a confirmation, that is a witness from God's Holy Spirit that you are indeed His and saved. This confirmation cannot come from man..but the witness of the Spirit must come from God alone to a person's heart that will grant assurance to that person.

Without the confirmation given by God's Spirit one can never really be sure...

Did Jesus Save Us From Law
No! Jesus did not come to save us from God's law...He came to save us from the curse of not being able to keep the law in our own strength..He came to give us His perfect life and nature so that we can now naturally, without fear,...become like Him,... living, breathing, walking laws of God...

False Teacher Deserve Death
I believe that this verse only applies to God's people..Jew and Gentile. Those who are outside of God's covenant, know not any truth...But it is those of us who know the truth of God, but yet ignore it, deny it's power to be released in our lives, and disobey is God's own people that suppresses this truth through their unrighteousness..

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