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Married With No License
Me and my husband made vows before God. My daughter has epilepsy. Her medication is $5500 a month. If I marry, my child will lose her insurance. she is not biologically my husbands, she would not be covered by his insurance. You do not make vows before God lightly, if you go against those vows, I do think you would be held accountable before God. I have to put the health of my child first. I believe that God understands these circumstances. We do the best we can with what we are given. My husband wants a child of his own, and I wasn't doing that until we were married. My baby will always need her epilepsy medication, I would never have the chance to escape this situation and get a marriage license first. We are human. We are not perfect.

Will God Restore My Marriage
Yes..don't listen to the nay sayers. The devil is always trying to keep people down. Breaking up marriages is the first step for him. Working all the time to break down the foundation of society. Use this time to get close to God and make him first in your needs. This is the time for war. This is a fight for your marriage,for your salvation and your spouses salvation. Keep the peace. Love ALL the children between you both and their non covenant spouses. Peace will save this world from the evil it has become. Do not give in. If your spouse was crossing a road and didn't see the bus..would you let it hit him? Don't let the Devil win. Make a stand in this world get your husband home, mind your kids and stand up and Praise God!

Marriage The Perfect Will Of God
I truly believe,simply put as it may be, that if you believe in God you would know...
EVERYTHING happens only in God's time. So just rest in God like myself.

God Told Me Who To Marry
God told about a year and 3 months ago that I was going to marry this guy. But I immediately objected the idea cause were completely different. Then I thought I was weird or something so I asked my mom how she knew that my dad was the one for her and she told me that God had told her she was going to marry my dad, then two minutes after I got threw talking with her I saw an Adrian Rogers commercial saying when he first saw his wife that God told him that he was to marry her. So I don't think your crazy. Just make sure that God is your number one focus and he will give you His desires for you.

Will Pets Be In Heaven
Dogs, cats, mice, spiders, and earth worms alike were made by God in his creation. There has been plenty of versus' in the bible that have stated that God will save all of his creations. So how can you believe that animals arent apart of that? We all have a soul and spirit that are different from our earthly bodies and when we die our bodies remain here under ground while our soul and spirt return to heaven. Just because an earthworm or a dog has a different earlthy appearance does not mean that they dont have the same kind of souls that we possess. Of course we will never know the answer to this question until we are in heaven ourselves but i have faith in God and believe that he saves all of his creatures no matter the size.

Is Bulimia A Sin Issue
I am bulimic and have been fighting against it for about 1 year. I am 15 and weigh 100pounds, at times I say to myself 'why are you doing this? You are hurting yourself, wasting food and time' But in the end of the day I end up in the kitchen stuffing my face. I dont want to do it... but its an addiction... I cant imagine how it felt to be 'normal', I cannot imagine ever being 'normal'. I often think about it as sinning and greed, hurting myself Gods creation. But I want everyone to realise that it was a mistake, i became bulimic when my parents divorced... after comfort eating and becoming overweight, following depression due to the gained pounds. ... to be continued

Young Women Marrying Older Men
I have been dating my boyfriend for a year now and my mom just told me she cannot support our relationship anymore because she thinks the age difference is to great. I am 23 and he is 33. We are both Christians and we love eachother so much and are alike in many ways. He decided to go back to school so that he could have a career in writing/editing and will be done in May. My mom thinks he should already be established and doesn't think he'll ever provide for me. I beleive he will. Any thoughts?

Raising The Dead In America
This isn't on the news because this world belongs to satan and he'll do whatever it takes to get Christian stuff off the news. But one day everyone will know of Jesus. And Jesus has givin us power to move mountains so why not have the power to bring the dead to like?

Upcoming Firestorm In Middel East
You didn't answer, Mima, I don't know if this blog pulled back up.
What's your timeline on the rebuilding?

Upcoming Firestorm In Middel East
Mima, I think you're jumping the gun. If anything happened to that gold dome, it would be rebuilt immediately.
The temple rebuilding will start at the beginning of the 7 year tribulation, it will probably be finished around the mid-trib point.

Why Watch DiVinci Code Movie
Please don't waste your precious time reading or viewing the DiVinci code. Life has so many things to offer than spending time viewing a movie that is deceitfull & untrue.
I am so tired of Hollywood making terrible movies. Garbage & lies.

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