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Roman Road To Salvation
i use Romans 3:23 then to Romans 5:8 and also 5:12 then to 6:23 then to 10:13. some people use 10:9-13. But i just use 10:13 at the end.
it does work.

I Want To Become A Christian
I am happy you want to become a Christain.Ye sthe Lord will talk to you and convice you of your sinns. If we just believe and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Need ask for His forgiveness of our sins. Yes you do need to go to church may be start looking for a new one.

What Does God Look Like
we were maded in God image.

Continue To Witness To Family
Some one said once i honstly do not remember who said it. we are (saved ppl) are the only bible people will see in there live. even that i don't believe on lifestyle evanglism. I do know we are the only bible ppl will see. it is sad but true.

Someone Is On My Mind
I always pray when someone comes to my mind. then i call this person to see if they need anything.Yes God is telling you to pray for them. I hope this helps you.

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