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Why Did Jesus Have To Die
A better question is why has Jesus lineage been continually sacrificed?

A Christian Surrogate Mother
Here is the end of my entry that didn't show up yesterday.... (FROM PREVIOUS...) These are just some things I have pondered through the years. I guess in my own mind if it is restricted to father sperm, mother egg, carrier a close family member, no compensation, I can get closer to saying I am at ease with it all. But, even so, it's still not solely that of the marriage between husband and wife. So many things to think about... If ONLY I could think JUST like Jesus...

A Christian Surrogate Mother
Okay... I will try this a third time... (FROM PREVIOUS)... These are just some things I have pondered through the years. If the situation was father sperm, mom egg, carrier a very close family member (i.e., sister), I may come closer to acceptance, but without knowing truly truly what Jesus would say about it, I can't be fully at peace with such an arrangement. May God bless you all as you search the mind of Christ over this issue. :)

A Christian Surrogate Mother
I put 2 additional responses out there, but they have not appeared so here they are: (1) The process of surrogacy takes what belongs to the wife and what belongs to the husband -- what belongs to the marriage -- and places it into another woman. So, even though the adultery aspect of this process (ref. Abraham and Sarah), it still brings a third party into the marriage to bring a child into the world. (2) Egg donation, sperm donation, etc., the same thing... (3) Yes, God gives man superior capabilities in the areas of science and medicine, however, God does not need our assistance in the area of creation outside of the marriage relationship. (SEE NEXT...)

A Christian Surrogate Mother
Here is where I am in this discussion. I actually have worked in this area of the law for a few years now and after years of questioning have come to understand that I am where God wants me until he desires to move me. However, after many discussions with my pastor over this issue, my thoughts are as follows: (SEE NEXT...)

Why Celebrate Halloween
First of all, all your origin stories are wrong. Secondly, "celebrating" is a very tricky word and putting on a costume like a flower, trick or treating, and carving a pumpkin are NOT celebrating satan. Lastly, if you really want to compare halloween to the very first tradition the pagans were dressed up to PROTECT themselves from the evil spirits "the bad one" may send to roam the earth. So uhm isn't "protecting oneself" from evil considered Christian? I rest my case.

What Is A New Apostolic Church
They believe in Christ, but they are "apostle centered". They don't openly reveal this information to visitors. Victims come to realize this over time . . . after investing their hearts, devotion, time, efforts, and money. Their Ch.Ap. recently stated only through Ap and the NAC can you receive forgiveness and HS. Ministers who wish to continue to serve must accept, but some are sweeping it under the carpet. Former NAC Member.

Acceptable To Steal Food
Jesus taught us to show compassion towards our fellow man. Given the circumsstances, none of us can blame people for scavaging whatever they needed to survive. This does not include the "jacking" of cars, theft of non essentials and firearms. For New Orleans police officers to be caught looting is shameful.

Who Is Really To Blame For Katrina
I was surprized on September 11 2001 to observe first hand that NYC could pull together, showing us the best of humanity. That's not what we saw in New Orleans. We saw the very worst of our society, with looting, blaming, and anarchy. While heros were making historic efforts to bring relief to the storm victoms we heard only bashing of the efforts of those trying to help. As I spend my holiday repairing the storm damage to my home in Alabama, I feel shame, expecting better of my Southern brethern.

Inter-Racial Dating or Marriage
I'm a white male living in a southern community where history has created distrust, but have been blessed by friendships in the black community as close as family. I firmly believe we should base our relationships on things we have or have not in common, not by color. Customs and culture can make it difficult to relate in a relationship, but is not necessarily a prejudice.
I think Abraham wanted his son to have a wife from his linage for reasons of custom and culture, like parents from a Christian culture would want their children to marry others of their faith and ethics.

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