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Pastor Charging For Services
If a Pastor charges for his services, according to the Word fo God,he is out of order. A Pastor can charge a modest price to marry someone, but for a service. If a member of the church gets married there, then the price would be reasonable especially if you know that they are faithful in their tithes and offerings. If they are not a member then you have a standard price for useage, because the church does have expenses so you have to charge. I think it should be reasonable and it depends on thesize of the party and how much usage is required. As Christians we should overdue, if we want to draw people we have to show LOVE and COMPASSION.

Drug Rehab For Crazy In-Law
If you love your mother-in-law and want to have her around the grands, yes recommend to her to be seen especially if you know that she does not need them. Why, would you let it continue? Love means saying something.

Will A Degree Help My Career
I would want to say that a college degree can in fact assist you in attaining your career goals. But from my own experience you have to stay focused. We start out thinking this is what I like to do, but in all actually what you like to do and what will fulfil you spritually are two differnt things. I think that once I accepted Jesus Christ as the head of my life and I developed a relationship with him, my education was just a stepping for me to be
used by God. All those years of education and life experiences were setting me up to know that I am most effective helping souls in the kindgom. My career allows me to financially help the Word of God to be spread in the community.

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