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Is Abortion Exceptable
There is no question abortion is Killing. It stops a beating heart. Now, is is murder? If is murder, what do we do with murderers?

Is The Bible The Authority
In the septuagint most of those books were included. The fact is between the time of Paul and Constantine the 'Christian Church' was deeply divided, Marcionites, Gnostics, and so many other sects. Letters of Paul, 'supposed letters of Paul, and what was scripture was in dispute. The NAG HAMMADI documents dating from about 225AD show these divisions.

Moderator - Yes, because false teachers and false prophets were getting into the church.

Is The Bible The Authority
The Bible quotes a dozen other books as scripture. it says in Revelations not to add or take away, but it says the same thing in Deut 10.-yet we have scripture afterward. The early church, until AD325 was a miasma of beliefs, constantly fighting among themselves, and there was no 'Bible.' Some Christians rejected the whole OT (Marcionites)

Moderator - List the dozen books called scripture? Revelation is talking specifically to the book of Revelation not the Bible as a whole. Deuteronomy is refering to the Pentateuch.

I Want To Divorce My Husband
One issue, macro- is missing. The whole protestant reformation, in England, was based on a King who wanted to divorce his wife on 'non-biblical grounds.' It was not really about religion, but a political power struggle against the Pope. His marrage was biblically solid! Henry the 5th wanted to break the Popes power in England. This is never discussed, other than protestants hold him up. (No, I am not RCC)

What's Up Blog #5
My daughter was born at Loma Linda, fine hospital. I know Vegas well, did some undergrad work in Red Rock Canyon. I dont know why people go to Vegas to lose money. I have a device in my bathroom that does the same thing as the slots. You put in the money, pull the handle, and flush! Your money is gone!

Open Minded Liberal Christian
Is God for the Democrats or Republicans? As for me, I am libertarian, and despise BOTH parties. Both want big goverment, and to control people. Todays Democrats are socialist. The republicans for large corperations, and support the fasist religious reich, who want a theocracy.

What Is Creation And Evolution
In my college, none of the professors were atheist. Some were Baptist, others 7th Day, one an Anglican. As an example fundys try to truncate the biological time-line based ONLY on subjective faith based beliefs, and leave in place other non-questionable scientific data, then claim natural selection is not science. They offer subjective presuppositions as facts, and reject objective facts as 'non-science.'

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