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What Is The Anti-Christ
Anyone who is against Jesus Christ and His teachings is "antiChriust". There are many of those individuals but there will be an End Time individual which will be considered as " The Anti-Christ".

Who is it? I do not know for sure but it want be long until we do know. No one truly knows who it is at this time.

Explain Revelation 12:11
There is only one way to over come and that is to follow Jesus Christ to the letter. So many play Church and do not really understand about God, Who He really is and what He expects us to do.

He is real and His words are real but many are not seeking out the truth of God and are very confused about some of His teachings.

Do We Go To Heaven
No Heaven, not for at least 1000 years. Gods Kingdom will bo set up on this Earth and will last for 100 years. After that it will be a schocking suprise for all His chosen.

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