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Most Dangerous Preacher
Here in the Bahamas,corrupt Dr. Myles Munroe is one. His church has had a number of suicides in the last year & a half. I knew them & was almost one of them. I dreaded going to church at years' end. If you are not making more money than you did last year, etc., you are not maximizing your potential. Many other preachers here & in other third world nations have stopped preaching the gospel for this message, it brings in the business class. He did not want me in his church because I worked for years in a convenient store. They overlook sin if you are successful. Sin is rampant! Sex,drugs,ill gotten money even rape is tolerated & excused.

The Council Of Trent
This quote is absolutely what the brother of Jesus, James stated. Paul said repeatedly do not be deceived when he warned against sinful lifestyles, you will have no share in the Kingdom living in immorality. John wrote do not be deceived if someone lives in habitual sin they are of their father the devil. Jesus said you are of your father the devil to the religious leaders as he rebuked them for their unrepentant nature. Peter said ,Paul taught exactly what all the apostles taught but those who are unstable twist his words to their own damnation. Paul said if anyone teaches another gospel let him be anathema.

I Want Another Baby
Mom with more than enough, is probably getting ready to deliver another one about now.

I Want Another Baby
You sound miserable today, Cynthia.

Is It Sin To Get Angry
Jesus fought Satan's temptation by the Word of God.

Matthew 4:3-4 - And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread. But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

Pastor's Wife Title
Mary, Christianity isn't always about being sweet, without conviction. We need to tell the truth in love.
Mayra is not a pastor, as far as we can tell. She wants the title without the education/holding the office. Like sticking a shingle out that you can perform plastic surgery and you end up with a face like a catfish, and lips that look like oscar mayer weiners. You either are or you aren't.
Being the wife of a certified plastic surgeon doesn't make you one, too.

Surviving Adultery Alone
When I read this:
2 Cor 6:13-20, Eph 5:3, Gal.5;16, 19-21
Rom. 13:9,13, Col 3:5, 1Tim. 4:3,
2 Peter 2:14,Rev. 2:14,20,Rev. 21:8, and Rev 22:15 When I read these I do not wish to sin. I really want to see God and live eternally with Him and NOT IN HELL WITH THE devil.
Then Romans 6: we can be forgiven and dead to sin, that is not wish to sin .
Study your Bible everyday and God will reveal His will to you.

True Death Of Jesus Christ
I have a History Minor and studied Astronomy--.There is a descrepancy in the time.
I have always heard Easter was the first Sunday after the last full moon in March and that could be because of the different dates. The months do not have the same number of days and that causes your birthday to be on a different week day. . But the main thing is if we are connected to Jesus' plan of salvation and if our name is written in the Lamb's book of Life rather than what day it will fall on.
Leona 3/23/04

Miracle Healing Services
It is appearant that you do not study your Bible.
Jesus Heals People and when He heals it is real.
When Jesus heals He does a good job and you are healed completely.
I can not comment on these preachers. I don't know them or their lives.
The Bible says "touch not mine annointed and do my prophets no harm."
Jesus is the great judge.
And if we do not agree There is no law that says we have to watch them.
I just know God is real.

Online Marriage Tips
Attitude plays the biggest part of a relationship. If both partners respect each other as they wish to be respected and stay away from too much advice from relatives and friends, and make their own choices, both would feel appreciated and important to each other. And after all, that is what each other want, to know they are loved and appreciated. They must put God first and seek His direction.

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